Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 30, 2012
The Identity Of Hogan & Sting’s iMPACT! Attacker

The Identity Of Hogan & Sting’s iMPACT! Attacker

The woman who pepper sprayed Hulk Hogan and Sting on iMPACT! was independent wrestler Leva Bates.

Bates was trained by Bully Ray at the Team 3D Academy.

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37 Responses to “The Identity Of Hogan & Sting’s iMPACT! Attacker”

  1. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    They could have gotten just about any girl to do that scene .
    Didn't need a wrestler to do it

  2. mrjdjr says:

    Thank you for solving this mystery. Myself and others will now be able to resume normal activities.

  3. Stunner says:

    I thought she did her part well, a great way to get a KO in the Division ! An Aces&eights rep in this form was nicely done.

  4. 02Roadking says:

    This may add another dynamic to the show. Have a few A+8's women involved to liven up the women's division…

    • andy3323 says:

      Did that previous article about Beth Phoenix say when she would be able to go somewhere else? She would be perfect for that role. Or if they brought back the beautiful people as heels, they were at their best then.

  5. Buseye says:

    Its a wonder why that Tara wasn't included in the Aces & Eights because she rides a motorcycle and has rode it into the Impact Zone.
    Maybe she'll cheat to win the KO Title and join the group.

    • mrjdjr says:

      Cheat to win the title. Cheat? You do know that ALL of this is scripted, don't you? BTW say hi to the Easter Bunny next time you two see each other.

      • The Spectacular Crimson Spider says:

        Why you gotta be a Dick? We all know it’s scripted jackass. He was speaking storyline wise. What a douchebag.

      • soyfenomenal says:

        Hey, smart ass, what would you call it when a heel does something like using the belt or the ropes or distracting the referee for interference? Cheating. So kindly fuck off, we all know it's scripted.

        • mrjdjr says:

          I would call that sticking with the script. Stop being so foolish as you are embarrassing yourself.

          • CREEDOO says:

            The performer sticks to the script, the character cheats. Muppet. So Tara might cheat, just like Spider-man climbs walls, even though we know Andrew Garfield cannot.

          • mrjdjr says:

            Keep trying to convince yourself that you make sense. at least one person will believe you.

          • CREEDOO says:

            Ha ha, if you need it explaining more simply, let me know, or if you want to stop embarrassing yourself then that is cool too.

    • 02Roadking says:

      Yes, that would be a great idea……..

  6. hangers says:

    I would get Serena Deeb in the group, she would work well, and already has done, with Drew Hankinson..

  7. tnadude says:

    I think some of you are over-thinking this. I'll bet she was just an "extra" that made virtually no money for the spot. It was a resume builder, and she got the gig because she's one of Bully's students.

    Velvet is all but confirmed to be back, so I'd look for her as the female in Aces & 8s, should one exist.

  8. kingrog2000 says:

    now if she gets hired by wwe this website will post an article that says former tna knockout signs with wwe lol

  9. rockinrollinroo says:

    that was bully ray sat in the chair talking to hogan and sting at aces n 8's club house wasnt it?

  10. JoeWrestling says:

    Of course it was Leva Bates. She works at Universal Studios. No surprise she was there. Here you got "wrestling internet journalists" saying the A&8 thing is stupid because how do they get into the Park each week? Well, they have someone who works there, they said all along they have people on the inside. It's become obvious the leader of A&8 is Abyss. He told Joe Park he was getting too close to the fire, and was going to get burned. People didn't know he was talking about his brother uncovering his biker gang. Now it all makes sense.

  11. RealCreative says:

    WAS IT JUST ME!!!!!!! The leader of Aces & 8's that was talking with his back to Hogan & Sting was clearly ERIC BISCHOFF!! Didnt anyone else catch on to his voice & tone in the voice etc etc…im calling it now its Bischoff & Garrett is also behind it as the rat inside TNA thats letting em in etc…

    • tnadude says:

      I saw it written somewhere else on here as well. Can't say I've got a better guess, TBH. Didn't sound like a southerner (Jarrett), and they just teased Jarrett a week ago, so maybe it is Bischoff. It clearly has the signs of a Bischoff storyline given its about bikers.

      That said, he's the wrong guy to execute it. Period. End of story. No matter what they do, it will always be nWo 2.0 as long as Bischoff is part of the faction. If they haven't figured that out already, shame on them.

      My $.02:
      1) Abyss is part of it.
      2) Joseph Parks is the insider.
      3) Garrett Bischoff – ah, never mind. Send him to OVW so he can develop already…
      4) UItimately lead by Jarrett.
      5) Steiner is also part of the faction.

      • RealCreative says:

        yea i agree…Abyss is part of it along with Jarrett…IDK bout Steiner but anythings possible….i also wouldnt put it past them to use Matt Morgan also

  12. smed6 says:

    The man behind aces and 8's is non other than Eric Bischoff!!! Yes his voice was muffled when he talked with hogan and stinger, but the tone in his voice i similar to Erics. even the ears looked like EB. Trust me guys!

    • RealCreative says:

      exactly what i think man

    • Raincold57 says:

      nobody is mentioning this but before that chick attacked sting and hogan they were getting ready to leave to the aces clubhouse so thats means they know where they are?? then whey cant they just get parks out then? storyline holes galore. and the aces said if they win they want full access? from the begining they have been coming in and out of the impact zone whats the point of full access if they can already get in the impact zone reguardless??

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