Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 20, 2012
The Latest On Matt Morgan’s TNA Release & WWE Future

The Latest On Matt Morgan’s TNA Release & WWE Future

Matt Morgan has dropped the “TNA” from his Twitter handle. His Twitter name, previously @TNAMattMorgan is now @BPMattMorgan. Morgan has been hinting at a TNA departure for some time now, as previously reported, with hints that he could jump to WWE.

We have confirmed that Morgan left TNA Wrestling last month. We have also confirmed that WWE has shown interest in him but they’re waiting to resolve the TNA vs. WWE lawsuit before they bring in any former TNA talents.

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22 Responses to “The Latest On Matt Morgan’s TNA Release & WWE Future”

  1. JeffandJoker says:

    I have always liked Matt Morgan. . . .

    I wish TNA could have done something to keep him with the company. He is better then some of the talent on the roster right now.

    Robbie E
    Rob Terry
    The Pope
    Garrett Bischoff

    He is a much better talent then the guys I just named. He has been in the main event in the past, he is the face of Direct Auto Insurance. I feel that Matt Morgan should still be with TNA.

    • He definitely isn't better than Hernandez. Not by a long shot. And Rob Terry is pretty bad ass looking. Has more of a look than Morgan. The Pope? Are you kidding me? That's not even freaking right. The Pope is one of the most promising talents and if they pushed him right, he could be world champ. Not even Matt Morgan could do that easily. So better than 2 on your list

      • JeffandJoker says:

        Hernandez has had to leave TNA a couple of times due to problems. So their is no way that he is better then Matt Morgan.

        The Pope world champ ??? You must be a Hogan & Bischoff fan !!! The Pope hasn't been important in TNA in a very long time !!! He couldn't cut it in the junk WWE's ECW. He just can't get over !!!

        Rob Terry bad ass ???? He doesn't even wrestle anymore !!! He got a push and then fell off because of his in ring skills. He has NO mic skills either.

        • soyfenomenal says:

          If Pope carried himself more like Kenny King and wasn't annoying as a mother fucker, he would definitely be WHC caliber in my opinion.

        • SageStinger says:

          Matt Morgan better than Garrett Bischoff? No way!! Just kidding lol. But TNA did waste a good opportunity with Morgan. And Hernadez is NOT better than Morgan. No freaking way.

        • ricky_No1 says:

          He said bad ass looking not bad ass which aint the same thing and what problems forced hernandez to leave a couple of times? Morgan is awfull in the ring and on the mic but i do agree with you on the pope

    • Mutter5 says:

      I really do rate the pope. he had a huge push and even challenged for the strap at lockdown. He is a solid wrestler with a gimmick (gimmicks are in short supply theses days) and can work the mic.
      I personally think the pope is worthy of the strap. Give him a push and you will see.

    • kevinroulette says:

      Morgan was boring no big lost to tna . They can have hulk hogan or sting do the direct insurance stuff he'll half the people who saw them didn't even know Matt. He will be lost in the shuffle in wwe or he could maybe stutter again

    • tnadude says:

      None of the people on your list demanded title runs. Morgan reportedly did. If that's the case, then he should really be compared to Roode, Storm, Sting, Anderson, RVD, Hardy, Bully Ray, Abyss, Styles… And he's not even close to any of those guys.

      I also disagre with most of your list:
      Robbie E – yes.
      Rob Terry – at the moment, but Terry is still green and should really work out in OVW for a while.
      Hernandez – no, assuming that Hernandez has learned to work softer.
      The Pope – You're out of your mind. That guy is loaded with talent.
      Garrett Bischoff – Seriously? How low do we need to set the bar, anyway? You might as well add Brooke Hogan to the list.

      So, he's definitely expendable. Good luck to him in WWE though. He's a classy guy.

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      i agree he is better than rob terry and garrett bischoff considering from what ive seen of them in the ring. disagree about hernandez, pope and robbie e considering their "type" of character. morgan is a giant. other than rob terry who else to tna have as a "giant" atm? rob terry is also a bodyguard atm. whereas morgan hes suitable for main eventing if done right.

      but with aries, roode, storm, hardy, joe atm hes going to be get a total of an amazing 0 mins on tv in fairness, theres just no room for him in the show atm.

  2. Verced says:

    Robbie E.'s gimmick and name suck, but he may not be in control of that. What he definately is in cotrol of is his in ring work and mic presence. He is outstanding worker with well above average mic presence. He has had trouble getting over, but that dead weight gimmick is the true problem.

    • tnadude says:

      You may be right, actually. The real problem is that TNA is trying to attract a younger audience. I doubt it's working. If this is the case, then dump the gimmick and give the kid a fighting chance to succeed.. Otherwise, they're just going to kill him.

      In the meantime, include someone else in the BFG series instead. Pick someone (please not Garrett Bischoff) from the roster. I'm sure they're more over anyway.

  3. The_Outsider says:

    Morgan has the look of a beast…too bad he's naive to think that a couple more bucks means he'll have to wrestle 300 days a year vs. maybe 50 in TNA…much less get a month build up and get buried. Hmm…

  4. Laker says:

    I look back at the Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries match at Destination X and man does Bobby Roode look like Matt Morgan.

  5. The Spectacular D-money says:

    Better than Pope? You must be smoking RVD’s weed! Does Matt Morgan have lots of promise? Yes. Does Matt Morgan deserve to be a World Champ? Hell yes. If TNA had pushed him right shouldn’t he be a multi World Champ? Definitely. But to say he’s better than Pope or Hernandez is laughable. Watch his matches with Hernandez sober and tell me who’s a better wrestler then. In my opinion I think TNA fucked up majorly with Morgan. He should’ve been a damn champ already. His match with Kurt Angle was hard as shit! And him versus Jeff Jarrett was a great match. He has the charisma, the look, the music and if he kept doing the Heallavator would’ve had the move.

  6. WrestlingFan2 says:

    At 36, Morgan needs to try and finish his career big, and hopefully WwE can do that for him. (Hope he stays TNA) At least he might be able to fill his pockets and maybe further his TV/movie career. To often people forget that wrestling is a business to the wrestler and they need to do what is good for them and not what the marks want them to do. Morgan never got to the top at WWE. They had to many big men. TNA did do right by him and let his talents take him as far as they could. WWE is better (just like Paul Heyman) at hiding the wrestlers weaknesses than TNA. Hernandez rocked in LAX with Homicide. Hernandez is 40 and has seen better days. He has a great look, but if I remember correctly, has been known to be not the safest to work with. Pope still has the best upside, but the street preacher gimmick is lame. At 34, his clock is ticking too…

    TNA listen up here is a freebie, have Pope go full on Pimp, and run a stable of KO's. (Don't do it stupidly like the Angelina/Winter thing).. Have him pick up ODB as his bottom bit@h while EY is out doing his fishing show. This could set up a long term feud with EY. He could even bring on EY as his apprentice. You could even bring in Rob Terry as his muscle. Have him recruit Robbie's girlfriend (find him one) and set up that feud too. He could bring in new girls (new Indy wrestlers) for a "Pimp Check" (tryout) in the ring (like Gutcheck) against the KO's. If the gimmick fails or runs it's course bring in KONG to smash up Pope. It sounds much better than this AJ/Claire crap you are feeding us.

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