Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Nov 22, 2013
The Latest On The TNA Sale & Hulk Hogan/TNA Rumors

The Latest On The TNA Sale & Hulk Hogan/TNA Rumors

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Just to recap some news we posted earlier today ………….

— There has been absolutely no discussion in TNA of signing Hulk Hogan to a deal, even one with limited dates. Hogan being gone is considered a cost-cutting move by the company, as they simply couldn’t afford his price.

— As of this past weekend, there has been no deal struck between Roderick Strong and TNA. At this point, Strong remains committed to Ring Of Honor. Apparently TNA executive Dave Lagana has been talking with Strong as well as other potential new talents. TNA seems to be interested in the best independent workers in the business, including those in ROH and some of the Americans in Japan.

— According to sources, one group that was rumored to be looking to buy TNA, which was a company that circulated online but never the lead candidate, has pulled out as we noted earlier.

A different group, which met with TNA executives a few weeks ago and has been the key party still interested, is still in play. While it may seem on the surface that the TNA sale is a non-issue at this point because nobody seems to know anything, and nothing new has popped up online about it, the main company is still in the mix and are talking positively about making the deal. This group is looking for complete and total ownership and apparently the key in finalizing the deal is whether or not they feel the asking price is fair.

There has been some talk that the Carter family is wanting to raise capital by selling a percentage and retaining a majority ownership of the company, but the aforementioned group still in the running is apparently not interested in a minority ownership.

Jeff Jarrett, who has reportedly picked up a considerable amount of power in TNA lately, would be expected to gain even more power if the sale takes place, since he’s more than likely a big factor in getting the deal going.

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