Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jan 15, 2013
The Location Of Bully Ray’s Bachelor Party Revealed

The Location Of Bully Ray’s Bachelor Party Revealed

The following was sent out today…

“Bully Ray” From “TNA Impact Wrestling” Chooses Rick’s Cabaret New York For His Bachelor Party, To Be Held Wednesday Night, Just One Day Before His Wedding to Brooke Hogan (Hulk Hogan’s daughter).…The Marriage Ceremony Will Air Live on Spike TV, Thursday at 8pm, 7pm Central.

Pro Wrestling Superstar “Bully Ray” proposed to Brooke Hogan on Spike TV’s “Impact Wrestling” Show last Thursday night. (Watch the video below).

Surprisingly, she accepted despite her dad Hulk Hogan’s look of dismay as he stood by. They are getting married on Spike TV’s “Impact Wrestling” show this Thursday night, January 17th, live, 8pm, 7pm central.

Several pro wrestlers are throwing Bully Ray’s bachelor party at the famous Rick’s Cabaret New York this Wednesday night, January 16th. On the guest list are some rock and roll notables and other pro athletes who are friends of the groom.

No expense has been spared. The grapplers have reserved the entire second floor VIP lounge and the Deluxe Sky Box. Over 75 Rick’s Cabaret Girls will provide the entertainment.

Rick’s Cabaret’s award winning executive chef Mr. Nestor is preparing a menu designed especially for the brawny brawlers. He describes it as “Rib Eye steaks, red meat, and more steaks!”

Following dinner they have reserved the entire roof deck and smoking lounge to enjoy cigars and brandy.

Hulk Hogan, who disapproves of the wedding, was invited to the bachelor party, and it remains to be seen if he will show up.

Mr. Ray said, “I’m looking forward to my bachelor party. Rick’s Cabaret has the hottest women.”

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Mandy said, “We love all the pro athletes, it will be an awesome party with non-stop lap dances!”

“We’ve had a lot of celebrity bachelor parties here at Rick’s,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Alexandra, “including one for a famous TV star that we just had during the afternoon. It was fun. We have the best girls and so we have the best customers,” she cooed.

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13 Responses to “The Location Of Bully Ray’s Bachelor Party Revealed”

  1. purpleurkel says:

    Im not crazy about this angle. You take the best heel character in the business and he starts talking about love and feelings?? I just dont get it.

    I prefer the calvezilla who catches his own spit and insults women

  2. godoftna says:

    The payoff for this had better be good, otherwise it could turn off a lot of fans. N hey, TNA, this is ur 3rd "wedding" on IMPACT in the last 4-5 years, give it a rest already will ya.

  3. genetic_mistake says:

    It made sense to turn Bully to face off against Devon and Aces and Eights, but they could have made him a tweener instead of an out-right babyface. Let him keep more of his bullying gimick, and have Sting and Hogan both not fully trust him and keep him at arms length.

    I think the whole baby-face move, tension with Hogan, and adding Brooke into the mix has just gotten out of hand. It may have looked good initially on paper, but it's the AJ/Daniels/Clair Lynch situation all over again… the writers won't admit it not working and are being stubborn that the ending will make everyone happy. Expect a huge "swerve" coming to fix this so it fits the above mentioned scenario, or a huge let down of a payoff.

    • tnadude says:

      If they insist on doing this, then why not have him be a bad-a$$ calfzilla with Brooke as his bad-a$$ girl.

      Still – stupid regardless of how your cut it…

  4. Dirk1n says:

    Who says kayfabe doesn't exist anymore?

  5. annil8or4321 says:

    he was doing amazing as a heel, i dont care for the whole im in love storyline but i hope it ends tomorrow with some big bully payoff

  6. TheNachoMan25 says:

    So am I the only one here who thinks he is the leader of Aces and Eights? How better to get at Hogan than to take and marry his daughter and then earn his trust along with a title shot, then stab everyone in the back. He is the best heel in the biz, let him shine in a huge reveil.

    • purpleurkel says:

      i've thought he was As & 8s since the start…. if he is, then TNA has done a perfect job leading up to the reveal

  7. TheNachoMan25 says:

    Agreed. It would take a long time to turn him babyface and get the audience to bite on it, so the slow aces and eights reveal would make sense then, otherwise its just been too drawn out now with most likely a lack luster finish. I say turn angles two trainies, bishoff and what his face, to by a slight bit more time, then reveal bully at slammaversary or BFG.

  8. TheNachoMan25 says:

    But pleade not Eric Bishoff as the leader. And if they must include Jarett, then make him partners with Bully.

  9. Undedlok says:

    It's a HHH/Stephanie angle where Bully will turn out to be part of A&8's and they'll end up getting TV time as somehow Brooke will be part owner of TNA somehow. JJ will end up as the leader and the Dudleys will be his main protectors (as AMW were before).

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