Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 19, 2013
The Official Preview For This Week’s TNA iMPACT!

The Official Preview For This Week’s TNA iMPACT!

TNA released the following preview for this coming Thursday’s TNA iMPACT! Wrestling:

Preview Thursday’s IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on SpikeTV at 8/7c as the road to the June “Slammiversary” event continues! Reminder: Beginning May 30, IMPACT moves back to its old time at 9/8c on SpikeTV! Thursdays at 8/7C until then!

Thursday’s IMPACT is LIVE on SpikeTV from Tampa, Florida, at the USF Sun Dome – ORDER TICKETS AT TICKETMASTER

– Has a TNA Original finally turned his back on the company and the fans? The Aces and Eights have announced that on Thursday’s IMPACT from Tampa, they will hold a “Patching In” ceremony to officially welcome AJ Styles to the group!

– How will TNA General Manager Hulk Hogan react to the news that AJ is joining the Aces? Hogan will be on IMPACT in Tampa to address the situation!

-In a huge match Kurt Angle will take on Mr. Anderson from Aces and 8s renewing their rivalry.

– The final countdown is on to Sting vs. Bully Ray for the World Heavyweight Championship at Slammiversary! Both champion and challenger will be in attendance on Thursday’s IMPACT – will Bully Ray and The Aces attempt to eliminate Sting before their title match?

-James Storm announced last week on IMPACT that he will be in the Tag Team Title Match at Slammiversary. Who will “The Cowboy” select to be his partner? Find out this Thursday on Impact!

– The TNA Knockouts championship will be on the line on Thursday’s huge broadcast as Velvet Sky will defend the gold against her friend (and former titleholder) Mickie James!

– The GutCheck Tournament continues on Thursday for a spot in the upcoming “Bound For Glory Series”, as Sam Shaw battles Alex Silva

– The mysterious masked X-Division superstar SUICIDE makes his return IMPACT WRESTLING on Thursday as well!

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14 Responses to “The Official Preview For This Week’s TNA iMPACT!”

  1. Treck says:

    It’s funny how many people om the internet think AJ is joining aces and eights. Aces and eights say they never walk alone. Well AJ does. Hope he stays neauteral takes out aces and eights then makes Hogan’s life a living hell. That would be awesome!

    • Stunner says:

      I like the Aces&eights storyline because TNA needed a faction and it can help other wrestlers as well. I think AJ should stay by himself and yes cause Hogan as well as the Aces&eights problems. AJ needed to be turned heel to help him out because he’s done just about everything in TNA, AJ is sort of like in a grey area that can go either way and that’s a good thing also. I like the fact that TNA is not letting AJ cut any promos it’s all action and its left to the fans to draw their own conclusion about AJ!

    • bobcatstan says:

      im am not replying to treck but only wish to express my opinion on tna and its product and story lines first of all you cant come up with something better than a rip off of the nwo storyline? Hogan in his tee shirt and bandana stinks he needs to dress and act like the boss not one of the boys your failure to keep sharkboy and others who helped build this co is wrong when you started ripping on old wwe stars it was great good stuff very entertaining the name of the co is TNA for total nonstop action you have lost your way in that respect mix it up get Hogan to show a couple different personalities one for people he likes and a real a– hole to those does not more wrestling less B.S will help you compete with the wwe

  2. Darkelzallon says:

    After all that Claire's storyline, I think it would be good to turn AJ Styles heel and talk about how he was betrayed. Joining with Aces and Eights…hmm… I'm not sure about that, but with AJ's new appearance and his recent action, to me, it's cool for AJ Styles to play evil.

  3. soyfenomenal says:

    AJ isn't joining anyone. Kinda obvious.

  4. TNArocks says:

    Cant wait to see Suicide's return!!

  5. DirkB says:

    Why are they acting like AJ is the bad guy here? Angle got in his face and was threatening him so AJ walked, Kurt chased him and spun AJ around, then AJ hit him. Kurt is the dick in all this.
    It's almost exactly the same as what they did with Ken Anderson.

    • toddmikki says:

      Oh boy, well dirk, kurt wasnt being a dick he was acting, just like aj was doing was called acting! More importantly who do you guys think will be storms partner? I was thinking EY the whole time but now im thinking possibly christian York and that could be why he lost last week.

      • Stunner says:

        I think it’s EY because EY does the I love tag team thing. Storms partner knows about Tag Team! So it’s EY I was hoping it was The Wildcat Chris Harris and they reform AMW, a friend of mine was telling me about this so I YouTubed some of their matches. The AMW put TNA on the map as far as tag teams I wondered if they (AMW) were so good why did TNA split them up? I digress… EY is the only logical choice everyone else is tied into a fued of some sorts .

      • KGill28 says:

        I'm thinking Jeff Hardy. Then you have him and Storm feud with Bully and Devon over the titles.

  6. bobcatstan says:

    wheres my comments cant take it ya sissys huh?

  7. hangers says:

    Im only inerested in the angle with storm at the moment. Any chance we'll see beer money re-form? Couldn't care less what AJ or the A&8s do again this week, the storyline is dying a slow, painful death and needs to be put down for good and soon..

  8. bobcatstan says:

    TNA SUCKS!!!!

    • toddmikki says:

      Here’s the thing h0m0, TNA has the 2 people that single handedly took wwe out when they were at there highest ever, when wcw murdered wwe in rankings. Those 2 people were HOGAN (the man that made wwe) and bischoff. It’s only a matter of time until wwe is indies.

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