Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jan 3, 2013
The Official Preview For Tonight’s TNA iMPACT! Telecast

The Official Preview For Tonight’s TNA iMPACT! Telecast

TNA sent out the following today…

Preview Thursday’s January 3rd IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV at 8/7c – the first IMPACT of 2013! The road to the January 13 “Genesis” Pay-Per-View event continues! If you can’t watch it Thursday, make sure to set your DVR to record it!

– IMPACT WRESTLING kicks off 2013 with the big return of “The Icon” Sting – and he’s vowing revenge on The Aces & Eights! Sting is now on a mission to eliminate the gang from TNA! Will the final battle begin on Thursday when the Man In Black makes his comeback? Tune in and find out!

– Also on the huge broadcast, there will be a Steel Cage Match as Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe join forces to battle The Aces & Eights! There will be no escape and no surrender when the cage door slams shut on Joe, Angle and the Aces!

– Is Thursday’s IMPACT the beginning of the end of the Aces’ reign of terror with Sting’s return and the big Steel Cage Match? Don’t miss this all-important IMPACT that kicks off the New Year!

-The 2012 Wrestler of the Year will be revealed as well. Who will win between finalists James Storm, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy, and Bully Ray?

– Plus, after what happened last week, what will happen when Hulk Hogan is face-to-face with Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan? Is the family drama about to reach a boiling point?

– Thursday’s IMPACT will also feature all of your favorite stars, including Hernandez, James Storm, Matt Morgan, the lovely but lethal Knockouts in action, the high-flying X Division Superstars and many more, plus news on the January 13 “Genesis” Pay-Per-View event! Watch a special video preview below:

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4 Responses to “The Official Preview For Tonight’s TNA iMPACT! Telecast”

  1. HolsG says:

    With Aces and 8's being in a cage it looks like we may have another unmasking (hopefully!)

    The only thing which will make Sting's hype better is if he returns with some new/returning wrestlers *cough* JJ which would be awesome, especially after the 4th Jan one where we had RVD, Hardy, etc. joining

    • soyfenomenal says:

      No, all of the Aces and Eights member will swarm the ring and beat down Joe, putting his arm in a chair and hitting it with a lead pipe, breaking his arm…
      Oh wait.

      • HolsG says:

        tbh Joe or Kurt maybe a member which we don't know about. Being a cage hopefully something interesting will happen, Aces and 8's defo can't get in before the roster get down the ring/two rookies in the form of Wes and Garett

      • soyfenomenal says:


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