Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 28, 2013
The Price To Take TNA iMPACT! On The Road Is …. ?

The Price To Take TNA iMPACT! On The Road Is …. ?

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— As noted earlier here on the website, the official WWE website continues its trend of acknowledging talent affiliated with TNA Wrestling as Tara, who was known as Victoria during her time with the sports-entertainment organization, is this week’s addition to the Alumni section. WWE writes of the accomplished wrestler, “A two-time Women’s Champion who stomped icons like Trish Stratus and Lita in brutal Hardcore Matches, Victoria broke ground in the Divas division with her take-no-prisoners style and Widow’s Peak finishing maneuver.”

This is the fourth consecutive week where WWE has spotlighted talent affiliated with TNA Wrestling. Kurt Angle was profiled last week, and the former Dudley Boyz were added two weeks ago. Mr. Kennedy was also recently added.

— TNA’s new road taping schedule for iMPACT! Wrestling is quite a bit more expensive than staying in Orlando was.

We’re told each set of iMPACT! tapings costs between $600,000 to $700,000. With the company running twenty-six tapings a year, that equates to $15 million to $17 million a year. The reason the cost is so high is due to production, renting 18-wheeler trucks for their ring/equipment, gas, travel expenses for a crew of 150+ people, renting the arena, plane tickets for the entire roster and crew, etc. It’s very easy for fans to say “take iMPACT! on the road” without factoring in all the costs that come with it. The company then depends on ticket sales and merchandise to “break even”. They are far from breaking even at the current time and are taking a major hit by taking the show on the road. Nonetheless, it’s what the fans want and is also what the company needs to do to have the company succeed in the long run.

The cost of taking iMPACT! on the road is also part of the reason they tape two weeks worth of shows in the same night.

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30 Responses to “The Price To Take TNA iMPACT! On The Road Is …. ?”

  1. HolsG says:

    How the hell are they going to break even???

  2. godoftna says:

    More than likely the company will take a hit in the beginning, perhaps in the first year or two. The key is to find ways to minimize the losses so they don't get out of control. Obviously cutting down on ppvs will help, as will doing 2 weeks of shows at 1 taping. In the long run though, the company will need to make some tough(or not so tough) choices in the coming months and years. Guys with bigger contracts, such as Sting, Hogan, or Angle, may need to be let go unless they are willing to take pay cuts. In Angle and Sting's case, the latter is more possible than it would be with Hogan. One never knows though. One thing TNA IS going to have to spend money on is better advertising to help promote the company and lure in new viewers and fans. I've said it for a long time, but TNA needs to start running tv ads on stations OTHER than SPIKE. MTV and The Cartoon Network(preferably during their Adult Swim block of programming), Comedy Central, etc would be great stations to advertise on as they share the same demographics as TNA and SPIKE. Better advertising=newer fans=more money made from live shows=a healthy bottom line for the company.

    • jbcissom says:

      TNA needs to advertise on the A&E network any time "Duck Dynasty" is airing. Same key demographics, and TNA would hopefully reach the more traditional "southern wrasslin'" fan.

      • godoftna says:

        I agree, though to get the traditional "wrasslin fans" back is a tall task in this day and age. TNA should also air commercials during Eric Young's tv show. Can't hurt to cross promote the 2 programs. And hey, after just watching tonights live IMPACT, have to say I cannot WAIT to see PETEY WILLIAMS back on IMPACT. Canadian Destroyer baby!!!!!

  3. tsoutheast says:

    Keep in mind SPIKE TV is footing some of the cost.SPIKE TV wanted the show on the road also.

    • jbcissom says:

      I know of one way that TNA could save some money on production costs…. get rid of the L.E.D. light entrance-display for the wrestlers' entrances. Just use some simple projectors and screens. Because seriously, how many of us watch wrestling (any company or any where) for the freaking Titontron and whatever TNA has?

      • Peckar says:

        True. But it helps TNA look like the big leagues, which is what they are trying to do. Hence why they are going on the road.

  4. kevinroulette says:

    where did these totals come from? Private company they dont release this kind of info. seems high to me

  5. DigestivBiscuit says:

    WHAT? This site really piss me of sometime. How can Impact wrestling set coast around $600,000 to $700,000? a set show of X factor cost no near as that much. So until your tell us where do you get this ridiculous numbers don't bother posting it. Beside TNA is a private company bear that in mind they will NEVER EVER release they PPV buyers, set coast etc…

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      In all honesty this is probably pretty accurate, and the bulk of their costs are probably paying for the travel expenses of the crew… 150+ crew members at probably $400+ a round trip ticket plus hotel expenses is near 100 grand alone. Also airlines would charge a massive amount for that many tickets. Renting out a large venue is probably at least 300 grand alone. It all stacks up massively. Really the company doesn't need to report this, but it's easily calculable by calling around. You also have to factor in the pay of the crew, and hiring 150 people even at minimum wage is massive.

      The thing is TNA probably easily breaks even as their cheapest seats are $20 and that's for the nose bleeders. Front row seats easily go over $100 in most cases… If they're averaging $75 a ticket at about 1500 buyers, they get about 112 grand from ticket sales. They probably also clear at least another 100 grand from merch sales, then the amount they get from TV (which is unknown).

      More than likely the company is probably barely breaking even, which is to be expected by going on the road.

      • Jon says:

        The problem with your math on the revenue side would seem to be that "averaging $75". Here's the prices for the upcoming taping at IUPUI
        $127 (VIP) – $77 – $47 – $27 – $15 – *IUP Student Ticket: $12 *
        Virtually certain that the average take is well below $50 per, and quite possibly under $25 per …. considering that over half the seats are in the $15 & $27 sections (the seating chart is at And that doesn't count the $0 ticket revenue for everything they end up comp'ing.

        • Philly_Cheese says:

          Well considering if you look through any ticket venders at the moment you'll find their next event at NYCB theatre at Westbury their tickets cheapest are $24, with the bulk of the seats being their $54 and $44 seats which is approximately 75 ~ 80% of their seats. It all depends on their location… At more crowded venues which have a larger population they can charge far more.

      • Mr. Excitement says:

        I know the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. It's the 2nd most profitable arena in North America behind the Staples Centre in L.A. They charge around $200,000 a night. So I'm sure the smaller arenas TNA uses are much cheaper.

  6. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    The decision to take TNA on the road is sounding more like an " all or nothing " scenario….

  7. josieamy says:

    So one episode of impact costs more than stings annual contract?? 17 mil per year….you could stay in Orlando and hire undertaker, Orton and cena for that money ( not that we want that). Seemed very expensive

  8. Treck says:

    This is bs. TNA is a private company. The writer of the article has no idea what is really going on. And why the he’ll should we care about the business part of wrestling anyways? Moronic

  9. Sa7827 says:

    Taking W CW on the road across the country is one of the main things to hurt WCW. In the iterviews on The rise and fall of WCW they thought if they had stayed on the east coast and not traveled across the country they would have been better off.

    • pepsilover2008 says:

      I believe that was referring to early wcw before it sold to turner, once they had the ratings/tv show they did just fine when it came to making more than cost to move the set/travel expenses until the last years. What killed them were the big salaries and creative control.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      Idk where you got this from, but I've seen the rise and fall of WCW and at no point throughout the entire video do they mention WCW having issues with traveling… There were very few factors that went into WCW failing… The massive salaries of the wrestlers who had locked contracts for set amounts, and proceeded to bleed the company dry… Creative and their extremely poor decision making… Finally the egotistical people who want the company who thought they couldn't be touched (the infamous PPV where the main event got cut off).

  10. pepsilover2008 says:

    Now that i see it, i kinda wonder why they wouldn't have done one main arena like wwe did, it worked for them in the 90s until they grew more.

  11. RealCreative says:

    Its all trial & error…without failing they wont be able to see what will work…like going head 2 head on Mondays was a bad choice they didnt do well in so they switched back….Everyone forgets WWE is a powerhouse of a company and TNA is only 10yrs old…things take time

  12. whatsup121 says:

    of course it's expenisve and it will take time for them to get to the point where they break even and then longer for them to make money @ it. Look how long it was before TNA turned a profit @ the impact zone

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      Exactly! People forget why Jarret sold the company to Dixie to begin with… It wasn't for the huge payoff, and it wasn't because she bought it out from under him. Jarret sold the company because he couldn't make it profitable and it was sinking, it needed financial backing which Dixie had.

  13. tna24 says:

    no need to worry, we should expect struggles at first going on the road. if things like this happen a year or two from now then ill worry.

  14. Rated_Maxx says:

    This is believable because Dixie said awhile back that it was expensive to be on the road

  15. incognitowolfe says:


  16. Dennis D says:

    Enough with A&E and Duck Dynasty… shit we get it

  17. Mr. Excitement says:

    I've been saying from the start taking Impact on the road will be MUCH more expensive than staying in Orlando. The figures posted above sound accurate but of course all we can do is take them with a grain of salt.

  18. JoeWrestling says:

    $600,000 is nothing for a 2 hour programming block. Typically cable shows cost $2 million / hr of programming to produce, and the network will pay out about $1 million / hr in costs. The rest of made up by the production company by international syndication, etc. Spike probably gives them at least $1 to $1.5 million an episode for live sports entertainment programming. That's why TNA has never cared about the PPV revenue, because they don't need it. Dixie has said the company is profitable, they just have debt built up from years of start up costs. If the numbers didn't ad up then they never would have went on the road. Of course, it's risky, because you're losing a lot of profits on production costs for additional returns that may not come.

    • AussieWrestling says:

      Considering Spike isn't that big of a channel and they are supposedly paying for numerous contracts such as Sting's. I would say that they would get around half of what you said per episode.

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