Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 20, 2013
The TNA Destination iMPACT! Attendance #’s

The TNA Destination iMPACT! Attendance #’s

The live attendance for TNA’s Destination X episode of iMPACT! Wrestling was 3,200 paid with 500 comps.

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7 Responses to “The TNA Destination iMPACT! Attendance #’s”

  1. ScottRiechart1 says:

    Well i guess over at another TNA News site who had a guy who claims to follow ticket Sales for Impact and PPV's. he Claimed by his watching from day 1 of on sales that TNA mananged to sell 3,850 tickets. but by this Number the dude is short by 650 tickets sold LOL

    • DirkB says:

      Depends who's reporting the numbers.
      There was a show a couple of months back and one of the sites (pwtorch or pwinsider or whatever)changed their numbers 3 times in the same week, never mentioned why, just changed the numbers. People that were there said the quoted numbers were much lower than the actual attendance.

      • ScottReichart1 says:

        if these were garner from the venue. then I tend to say the 3.200 paid and 500 compswould be accurate

  2. Steven kelly says:

    Lol dirt sheets are a joke bought n paid for by vkm in one form or another

    • whatever says:

      You really are stupid

    • ScottReichart1 says:

      lol let me mention that to Dave scherer and wade Kellar that they are bought and paid for puppets by vkm in the future

      • JoeWrestling says:

        Regardless of bought and paid for, they still make pretty much all their money off WWE product, so they are beholden by definition to the WWE fans. They can't alienate WWE fans regardless, so they are in a sense stuck putting over the product.

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