Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 31, 2012
The TNA iMPACT! Rating Is In + How Old Is Jeff Hardy?

The TNA iMPACT! Rating Is In + How Old Is Jeff Hardy?

— TNA star Jeff Hardy turned thirty-five years-old today. He will celebrate his birthday at a TNA house show tonight in Richmond, Virgina.

— Thursday night’s episode of iMPACT! Wrestling did a 1.07 (1.1) cable rating, with 1.42 million viewers. Those numbers are down from last week’s 1.15 (1.2) and 1.72 million viewers, back to the approximate average for the live summer run. The show was #41 among cable TV shows for the night, #10 among males 18 – 34 and #14 among males 18 – 49, The show basically returned to normal after last week’s highs, including the key demographics. The male 12 – 34, male 18 – 49 and adults 18 – 49 demographics settled back into the weekly averages, while the male 18 – 34 demo held onto some of the gains it make last week. Males 12 – 17 was down 0.2, hitting the lowest point since June 14th. The show competed with the debut of the college football season on ESPN.

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37 Responses to “The TNA iMPACT! Rating Is In + How Old Is Jeff Hardy?”

  1. Ultimate_X says:

    good its staying above 1.0 now!

  2. DJBIGCG says:

    0.9 – 1.2 aren't bad for tna. But we're looking for tna to get 1.5s and up on regular. I'm not sure if tna will ever hit that high of a rating though

    • HolsG says:

      I think they will if they stop trying to 'be' other companies. The x division was growing and growing and then they just forgot about them

      • Dependant says:

        X Division was probably the most unique thing to come out of TNA and they have 1.3's back then with no problem now look? there forgetting what fed them pretty much.

      • IHNSAIN says:

        i wouldent say tna are trying to be wwe wat cause ppl fight and there are story lines thats all thats relly the same tna better storys most of time (not saying they are gr8 but they beat wwes laim pg13 dill stuff)
        tna has more wrestling and also better wrestling but we relllllly need to get the x-div bk in shape seems tna are trying but it jst aint happening

        • Pipboy86 says:

          They are not necessarily trying to be WWE per say, but they are trying very hard to be that prototypical #2 company like WCW was for many years or AWA was in the early 1980's. The company which kind of rides the wake of WWE and is in coasting mode, instead of trying to separate themselves. It is a recipe for survival at least in the short term, but also for mediocrity, which ironically enough (or maybe not) is why WCW never ever got over that hump until they actually did something really unique and different, albeit short lived. The alternative of course is to really go out and try to be different, like a WCCW or an ECW. The risks are obviously very high, but so are the rewards. TNA however,has arguably been in the best situation to actually succeed since WCW with their backing. My worry is that every year they wait at taking a big risk that doesn't involve The Bischoff/Hogan plan (which wasn't really much of a plan at all to be honest in modern wrestling), the likelihood goes down that they will ever be able to pull anything truly revolutionary off. Their roster is not getting any younger, and as I pointed out on another thread, they have lost a great deal of quality young talent and haven't been able to effectively replace them.

  3. tnadude says:

    They need to do better with the Aces & 8s brawls. Calling them out, and then having them just show up is anti-climactic. Have them interfere in the main event, followed by a brawl leaving Aries & their top guy in the ring to start a feud, with Aries getting beaten down until the thing comes to a boil.

    It was just too scripted.

    • jbcissom says:

      True, but I loved the backstage segments with HH and Sting.

      Also, am I the only one who noticed that the head guy for A&8 has the same voice mannerisms as Samoa Joe? But the back of his head look's like D'Lo Brown's head.

      • IHNSAIN says:

        i notised dlo lol even his build fits dlo

        relly hope jeff is coming to save us lolz with some decent guys not ecw wcw or wwe rejects (jst cause they where in wwe dnt mean they where rejected)

        i have also notised the rest have prospect wtf is that cause they arent the real guys tna are gona use they are jst the now guys the real ones have still to come or have tna made a mess with a tiny deatil and im reading to much into it hmmm

        • LordofOlympus says:

          I said the same thing about prospect patches a couple weeks ago…..I was also thumbed down for it

          • IHNSAIN says:

            lol seems im getting the same but it is a relly gd point but as has been said tna are using diffrent ppl to wat they want to use for the story line when they reveal them hopefully thats y they have prospect and tna do know wat they are doing

          • LordofOlympus says:

            Yeah, technically "Prospects" arent even in the group they're just people who WANT to be which I guess works with that one guy being "Patched in" a couple weeks ago….lets wait and see TNA could have a great story for a good while if they do it right,.

  4. jbcissom says:

    These are actually good number considering that ESPN's Thursday Night Game had it's highest rating and viewership for that date in ten years.

    Plus, are DVR numbers included in this? I watched the game myself, DVRing Impact! and watched it right after the game.

  5. piro4351 says:

    it was decent..highlight was joey styles pwning al snow again LMAO!!

    • akcbd says:

      Joey styles?

    • IHNSAIN says:

      lol i hope that was a brain fart and u dnt think thats joey styles im gona vote u seem smarter than that and had a mental brain fart jst incase dude that was joey ryan ex gut check guy that got turned down after cutting a gr8 promo and a gd match jst incase somehow u dnt this : )

  6. whatsup121 says:

    the best part of Gut check is when the crowd booed Prichard

  7. whatsup121 says:

    I felt sorry for the Gut Check guy cause the brought his wife and kid into the arena quite sad had they actually wanted to give the guy a contract it would have seemed better

    • Pipboy86 says:

      I didn't, it is a work. He had absolutely no chance and was paid probably more to lose than he would make in any independent booking he could ever have.It was a good deal for him, that he can hopefully use to maybe expand his bookings some and ride off the exposure. Reality says he's never gonna be a star though. He's really just not that good at all. In fact, he so horrible I had never even heard of him before and it is not because he's young and just coming up. He's obviously local indy caliber tops, worse even than Alex Silva who is also not very good, but good enough to at least be a big indy jobber. Which begs the question, why are they trotting out guys like this when there is a lot better talent out there? Yes you need some people to lose gutcheck for storyline purposes, not everyone can get a contract and be even remotely realistic, but giving guys like Alex Silva a contract and even giving this guy a try out looks really bad when you didn't give the best talent so far (Joey Ryan) a contract. Joey Ryan is not even close to being the best indy talent out there either. If he loses and then pitches a fit because he is an arrogant jerk, that is fine and it works for storyline purposes, but when he is actually the most talented of the bunch it looks like TNA's gutcheck judges are biased, or worse, incompetent.

      • IHNSAIN says:

        i agree with most of wat u said except joey ryan got a contract ok he did get 2 no's for story line purpose and alex silva not 100% sure but wasent he the guy ric flair was ment to say no to and said yes jst as a last fu to tna

        • Pipboy86 says:

          He didn't get one storyline wise though, that is the issue.

          • IHNSAIN says:

            he dident get a contract with tna so he is turning up in the crowd right at the time of gut check and asulting al snow dnt tell me u dnt think this is story lined he is under contract and is almost one of the most known tna stars that has barley even been on tna tv

            id say joey ryan is doing wat he wants and bulding himself to star before tna use him or he is not under contract does not want a contract and tna are helping him make him self famouse and that i doubt so that leads to yes joey ryan is or will be under a tna contract before his fight with al snow at b.f.g

          • Pipboy86 says:

            Read what I wrote again. I say this because it seems to me that English might not be a first language to you and it seems you are confused with what I wrote. To recap: Joey Ryan was a gutcheck contestant who LOST, meaning, the STORY was that he did not get a contract with TNA, while an inferior talent like Alex Silva actually got both a real contract and recognition of doing so in STORYLINE (Storyline Contract) and a total nobody like this last guy even got recognition, while Ryan did not, which hurt gutcheck's credibility. Now they play Ryan off as a heel because he is arrogant and wont accept that he lost fair and square, but it doesn't work because he is actually the most talented one so far and comes off looking like a baby face who got screwed. That being said, the corner that TNA has painted themselves into is that either Joey Ryan won't get over as much as he could as a heel, or the gutcheck judges become heels themselves and jeopardize the storyline integrity of the whole concept. Meaning, what had potential to be an interesting and integral part of TNA, may burn itself out in short order and be yet another thing that has to go entirely down the memory hole as has been the case so many times over the last several years.

            Ryan is obviously either ALREADY actually contracted to TNA with a written or a ppa agreement at this time because they continue to use him and are building towards a storyline with him and Al Snow. They wouldn't be giving him a chance to "make himself famous" to then decide if they want to contract him or not. You are correct in that. He's not doing what he wants, he is doing what TNA is telling him to do. That he is actually under contract or will be under a written contract is not the issue I was writing about. It is that they have botched Gutcheck from the start.

  8. whatsup121 says:

    they should sign Ray Maestro Jr to TNA then they could have the Hispanic Small Med & Large
    Ray , Chavo & Hernandez

  9. JeffandJoker says:

    I told everyone that last week's ratings were a very rare thing, and that they would drop back to normal this week.

    Right now TNA is very short on roster talent, so they have to just keep using the same guys almost every week. That is really starting to get old fast.

    They haven't used their X-Division talent in a good amount of time or even had their X-Division title on Impact.

    Also as Hulk Hogan pointed out, they STILL do have a Tag-Team division that we haven't seen in a very long time.

    Why hasn't TNA mixed in Kid Kash, Chavo, Zima Ion, or Devon on Impact??? I do understand that they are doing the hole BFG thing but they shouldn't keep using the same 9 wrestlers every week !!!

    • LordofOlympus says:

      I love how whenever someone brings up something that isnt "ZOMG TNA IS BEST EVAR!" They get thumbed down shits hilarious

      • jbcissom says:

        Most people ignore him now, because all he does is complain. The reason why I thumbed him down is because of what TNA UK pointed out.

        J&J contradicts himself.

    • TNA UK says:

      There’s a big contradiction in your post. You say they are short on roster talent and then go on to say there are plenty of wrestlers that can’t get tv time because of the bfg series.

      • andy3323 says:

        Forgive him, it's hard to type and keep your points straight while at the same time you are cutting your wrists over everything TNA while also being the biggest downer on this site.

      • JeffandJoker says:

        They ONLY use NINE wrestlers right now !!!!

        Look at their roster page, they are VERY short on talent and that is why they have to keep using the same guys over and over again !!!!

        • IHNSAIN says:

          tna roster is fine almost as ive said before some talent needs paird up like chavo and supamex aj and kurt sadly they split joe and magnus with those 3 tag teams and bring in one or 2 new tag teams thats the tag div sorted and with very gd teams and taking some of our bigger guys out the world champ picture leves room for others to go for it

          5 new knock ups and search the indies for bout 4 x div guys

          and the rest of the roster is sorted

          but to say tna is short on roster thats y only 9 guys are being used then say tna arent using the rest of there roster sadly the bfg ppl are also the only ones involved in the ace&8s story line cause it mixes with the bfg and im sure bully rey is winning it with help from the aces

        • IHNSAIN says:

          also ive jst looked at the roster 24 males not inc ones at ovw or injured or like sabin flair morgan so thats 12 matches think its more the booking and the story lines that is not leaving room for the rest not the lack of talent female talent and tag talent is lacking

  10. MosesMelo says:

    I still think TNA should have a second show. More X division, knock out tag competition from the Indies etc.

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