Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jun 20, 2013
The TNA One Night Only: Hardcore Justice Card

The TNA One Night Only: Hardcore Justice Card

TNA’s One Night Only: Hardcore Justice will debut on July 5th. Here is the updated card:

* ODB vs. Jackie Moore
* LAX vs. The New Church (Slash and Sinn)
* Ladder Match: Bad Influence vs. Generation Me
* Hardcore Gauntlet: Devon Storm, Little Guido, Crimson, Shark Boy, Sam Shaw, Funaki, Johnny Swinger, Gunner and 2 Cold Scorpio
* Elimination Tag Match: James Storm, Magnus and Bob Holly vs. Aces and 8’s (DOC, Knux & Wes Brisco)
* Monster’s Ball Match: Joseph Park vs. Judas Mesias w/Jim Mitchell
* Tables Match: Jeff Hardy and Brother Runt vs. Team 3D

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7 Responses to “The TNA One Night Only: Hardcore Justice Card”

  1. Mutter5 says:

    ladder match with Gen me and bad influence???? Sold!
    please bring gen me back… I dont want Rampage, king mo, hogan or even Brooke hogan….
    Now TNA this might surprise you but I watch wrestling for wrestling… I no crazy right.
    and while your product has been improving I fail to see how the 4 mentioned above will help….
    why sign MMA fighters? it boggles , my mind….

    • andy3323 says:

      Rampage was a wrestler (very good one) in high school, so he DOES know a thing or two about wrestling. Just sayin', lets see what he does in the ring before we say no way.

  2. Whatsup121 says:

    This card looks sic

  3. DirkB says:

    LAX and Mesias with James Mitchell? I'd watch just for those but that ladder match should be pretty good too.

  4. Cezar_TheScribe says:

    Hardcore Champion…..

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