Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 25, 2014
The Updated Card For Sunday’s TNA Sacrifice PPV

The Updated Card For Sunday’s TNA Sacrifice PPV

Here is the updated card for this Sunday night’s TNA Sacrifice pay-per-view:

Willow and Kurt Angle vs. Ethan Carter and Spud

Committed Match:
Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw

Tables Match:
Bobby Roode vs. Bully Ray

I-Quit Match:
James Storm vs. Gunner

Tag Team Championship Handicap Match:
Champions the Bro-Mans and DJ Zema Ion vs. The Wolves

X Division Championship Match:
Champion Sanada vs. Tigre Uno

Knockouts Championship Match:
Champion Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Champion Eric Young vs. Magnus

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6 Responses to “The Updated Card For Sunday’s TNA Sacrifice PPV”

  1. aos1982 says:

    ah good the tag title match has been added I was wondering who they might choose to challenge bromans given that there is such a huge tag division at the moment good choice! im taking it the winner will take on the only other tag team at the next ppv? the other tag team being the beautifle people

  2. ViceyThaShizzle says:

    Huge tag division? It feels empty again now Kaz and Daniels have gone.

    • JoeWrestling says:

      He was using sarcasm since he notes there are only two tag teams. They only have the two real tag teams, but lots of room to form others, like Roode-Storm, Angle-Hardy, Young-Abyss, Sanada-Uno, Bully-Gunner, Magnus-Spud..

      • aos1982 says:

        phew someone got it! I can see beer money reforming in the future and there is always room for pairings but as for legit tag teams it is a little thin on the ground at present. but its also getting towards that time of year where the x-division get their push so im not sure if the tag division is going to grow beyond random pairs v the wolves

  3. HolsG says:

    That's a pretty good lineup tbh, Anderson and Samuel is going to get old with the commited matches, maybe an no DQ, i quit or last man standing would be great

  4. Macco says:

    So excited I found this article as it made things much qukriec!

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