Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 5, 2012
This Week’s TNA iMPACT! Rating Is In ….

This Week’s TNA iMPACT! Rating Is In ….

Thursday night’s episode of iMPACT! Wrestling garnered a 0.84 (0.8) cable rating, with 1.06 million viewers, the lowest of each for 2012. The rating was down 18% from the 0.99 rating last week and viewership was off 20% from last week. It’s the lowest viewership since June 3rd, 2010.

The key male demographic ratings were more or less even to last week except for a 0.1 drop in the male 18 – 49 demographic, meaning that the core audience still watched and it was the casual fans who turned elsewhere. The show ranked #49 in overall viewers among cable shows for the night, #70 among adults 18 – 49, #25 among males 18 – 34 and #20 among males 18 – 49.

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21 Responses to “This Week’s TNA iMPACT! Rating Is In ….”

  1. 02Roadking says:

    They have been doing great shows lately so I am at a loss as to what they should do to raise the ratings. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the fluctuations (other than sports games on). Do more house shows? Try a different time slot? Get the title belt on Bully Ray?

    • jbcissom says:

      Don't be so shocked.

      1. New episode of Big Bang Theory
      2. The East Coast finally didn't have to stay up to watch the USC Trojans play a game
      3. The NFL game drew pretty well considering it wasn't a marquee, big-market matchup

      • Raincold57 says:

        yeah i was watching the sc game as well.. an impact was good they built up the matches good an still have a week to go.. ppl can rip tna and the ratings but reality is going against nfl football college, and networks biggest shows hurts it not cause tna shows are bad but cause there are so many other things on thursday.. hell look at raw 2.5 rating lowest in years yet ppl dont say crap about that

        • rawuncutnxrated says:

          People don't come here & mention Raw's ratings because this is a TNA site. One day even an imbecile like you will be able to figure this out. Then again, probably not as single celled organisms don't have the ability to critical think.

          • The Spectacular Crimson Spider says:

            Why are you such an elitist dick with everybody? Where’s that “snappy wit” when Jeff and Joker are on here talking shit? All he did was make a valid point and here you come with your pearls of “wisdom”. Stop being such a fuckin douchebag.

          • ricky_No1 says:

            It may be the constant raging at the WWE from raincold thats annoying rawuncut. All he ever does it moan about WWE on here.

          • rawuncutnxrated says:

            You are 100% correct. It's a TNA site, all that bum wants to do is deflect TNA's crap to WWE's. TNA's ratings have nothing to do w/ WWE, why even mention it? Because Raincold is a child and can't debate without pointing fingers at something else.

          • soulbadguy says:

            The Spectacular Crimson Spider vs RawUncutNXRated. TNA book this match!

          • rawuncutnxrated says:

            My verbal gymnastics would leave him tongue tied with his thumb in his ass rockin' back & forth in the corner wondering where it all went wrong. I'll answer that.. the second you thought about knucklin' up.

      • Jon says:

        Not to be critical or anything but you left out one of the more likely sources of the viewer drain:
        Jersey Shore season premiere was the #2 show on cable for the night (behind NFL Football) with more than double the number of 18-49 viewers than BBT.

  2. Mark G says:

    I think it’s partly because they’re main angle, the Aces and 8s, while good, has the same production value as a bad Batman fanfilm and the show is supposed to be a sporting event where no ones supposed to know what’s gonna happen but you dont get that sense.

    Why is that any videos that Aces and 8s sends in are shot on the same cameras and in the same way as TNA’s TMZ-like back stage segments even though they’re supposed to be shot but someone from the Aces and 8s with intent to send it out.

    How come no one is trying to figure out who keeps feeding the stuff they send in to titontron? That guy is probably one of them.

    How come Taz and Tenay weren’t worried for Joseph Park in the least bit after the last video.

    How am I supposed to believe Hogan cares about Park when he constantly gets his last name wrong?

    How come some of the segments are shot with multi camera set ups with cuts before each line of dialogue as if they knew what’s gonna happen?

    Why to Aces and 8s wanna fight to be allowed in the Impact zone? I thought they said they weren’t locked out, they were locked in.

    How come a video package conveniently recaps a storyline right before the segment where that storyline continues?

    How come King Moe was advertised to be on Impact but they never have him an alotted time to come out and he instead comes out during an “unplanned” segment with Booby Roode?

    Everything about the show feels like a highly scripted show even though it’s live. Hell we don’t even get live backstage interviews because they want to shoot it all with Hervey’s “journalist” style in stead of having JB interview people. Hell, for the longest time they episode names, what better way to make it not feel like an event!

    They’re doing a lot right in terms of talent usage but they’re execution of the show needs to be revamped. As much as I don’t like it, at least the reality game show aspect of fight night kind of makes sense EXCEPT that the segments usually have a soundtrack! If that segment was really live, then you couldn’t do that!

    I’m not mad that for a live show, a majority of it was taped, I’m mad they’re not making it FEEL like its live.

  3. DJBIGCG says:

    A 0.8 is a pretty low rating tna got this week. I thought with king mo being there, the rating would go up, but I guess not

    • oh0K says:

      You say it like he was advertised in any way…. im pretty sure i heard his debut would be at bfg … jujst sayin…

  4. rumpl4skin says:

    Definately the Rams vs Cardinals game took away from the rating cause it was a great game watchin my Rams beat the unbeaten Cardinals

  5. The Truth says:

    Looks like aces n 8’s is now just dragging. As for having the strap on a 5ft 5 guy is not helping

    They need a champion that you can see if you are in person back row, also bigger then a ref!

  6. tna4life2 says:

    I think one of the most single reasons as to why tna can’t get over that hurdle is advertising and the impact zone I no they dnt have the money but with them being live I say they need 2 travel do one live week one taped but they will be out of the impact zone secondly they should go after small venues like small colleges and watch how things turn around 4 them after that it’s just a matter of taking a risk somewhat like Eric did with WcW it will pay of sooner than later Id say maybe in a few months.

  7. The Spectacular Crimson Spider says:

    @Rawuncutxrated I hope an anal orifice such as yourself realizes that I was calling YOU a douchebag. But then again, smug assclowns like you who own word of day calendars just know that the world revolves around them. That was sarcasm if you didn’t know……….Mr. Sandow. What a dickhead.

  8. Bigmike885 says:

    Maybe it just needs to be accepted that TNA came around at the wrong time. Wrestlings isnt even close to as popular as it was a decade ago (or even 5 years ago). Only die hards watch TNA, and most of the people who watch WWE are either kids or do it out of just pure habbit.

  9. The Truth says:

    Big mike sounds like you nailed it!

  10. hangers says:

    Ouch, time to shit can hogan & bischoff and get the show back to basics…or film it in India…

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