Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 10, 2013
This Week’s TNA iMPACT! Rating Is In ……….

This Week’s TNA iMPACT! Rating Is In ……….

Last night’s episode of iMPACT! Wrestling garnered a 0.99 (1.0) cable rating, with 1.27 million viewers. Those numbers are up 5% and 13% respectively from a 0.94 and 1.10 million viewers last week.

The show ranked #35 among cable shows for the night in overall viewers, #22 among males 18 – 34 and #13 among males 18 – 49.

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31 Responses to “This Week’s TNA iMPACT! Rating Is In ……….”

  1. purpleurkel says:

    Im done caring about ratings, Its not an accurate representation of quality. It just proves boring people watch wwe.

    • Whatever says:

      Quit being a little cry baby and just except the fact that TNA sucks monkey balls and stop throwing wwe’s name in there as an excuse of why the ratings are so low. Start blaming tna and the so called tna fans that decide there’s something else better on to watch then tna. Besides wwe is not on Thursdays so seriously stop using the excuse “more boring people watch wwe”.

      • toddmikki says:

        Tna sucks? What did wwe do after 10 years with ZERO competition? What did wwe do before Hulk Hogan? What did wwe do when Hogan bolted to WCW? (Be the 2nd wrestling company behind wcw) What happened to wwes ratings the past 10 years? (Slowly but consistently dropping) who brought in ex employees because of being legitimately afraid , even to the point of stealing future storylines and wrestlers contract statuses and got SUED?

        • Whatever says:

          Again another fan boy trying to compare two completely different companies. Read my comment before and like I said all u cry babies have to throw wwe into ur comments when tna’s ratings drop. Stop using them as an excuse for the ratings. Blame the so called fans that don’t watch or blame the re-runs of alf but blaming a company that doesn’t have a show on Thursdays is just lame. Here’s an idea why don’t all the “tna fans” put some money together and get tna some advertising that way u guys can think of another excuse why the ratings are in the toilet. Dumbasses. And again read my previous post where I state I don’t watch wwe. Wrestling died with WcW and I refuse to watch wrestling ever again

      • revrock20 says:

        So you would be a fan of wrestling circus not pro wrestling. Even by Vince's own words " we have giants, leprechauns, monsters" ect. No thanks. I'll stay a true pro wrestling fan until it or I die. I do agree with one thing you said TNA fans need to support it. Not run off to watch something else. Many people like more than one thing on tv at the same time. When Thursday night football comes back I too will make a decision. If it is a game I'm interested in I'll dvr it & watch it after Impact in one hour or so by watching each play and than skip to next play.

        • Whatever says:

          Sounds like someone’s a closet wwe watcher. Cause there’s no way in hell that I would have ever known that he said that phrase exactly. Stop lying to yourself and everyone else and just admit you watch wwe. Douche bag

          • revrock20 says:

            He said it a while back. Since then I stoped watching all wwe products except raw, and I skim through that on dvr to find the few entertaining parts. And that doesn't take long.

      • piperfan says:


      • POWER TO THE PEOPLE says:

        I used to be a WWF fan but then the WWE became very boring and TNA was so much better than them but now TNA is not as good as they used to be but yet they are still better than the WWE and have the potential to be great.

      • MrTNA2015 says:

        why are you even on this site? if TNA sucks sooo bad. if you honestly think WWE is that much better at this point you need to just come out the closet because as i love wrestling an push for WWE to better there extremely fruity product, they suck man…Cena is the same ol lame ass wrestler he has always been an while he's around no one in that company will ever be the man. TNA is a breath of fresh air to all REAL wrestling minds!

        • Whatever says:

          Holy shit u frickin retard. U tna fan boys really are the dumbest m’fers in the whole world. Tell me where one time I have said that wwe is far better or more entertaining and better to watch. It’s ur 8 year old attitudes that will keep tna from improved ratings. I have said before stupid and for the last time I do not watch wwe wrestling died along with wcw and since have not watched any product. U idiots know more about wwe and what goes on then I do. And just don’t want to admit it to all the other so called fan boys on this site. Slap nuts

          • Darkelzallon says:

            Sadly I know nothing about wwe for the past 8 years. When AJ Styles took a shot at wwe during a live event, I have no idea what he was talking about because I never watch wwe. To me, wrestling is still alive in TNA. If you don't like it, go to somewhere other than trying to write something so long that I can only understand one or two sentences.

            FYI, if you are still replying in a long hardly understandable sentence, I would assume you did watch TNA and you are just trying to rant.

          • revrock20 says:

            So if you don't even watch any wrestling product why do you even care to comment. Kinda makes you invalid on the subject.

        • ricky_No1 says:

          I have been a wrestling fan for over 30 years and can honestly say that TNAis no breath of fresh air. simple fact is people dont care for wrestling no more whether it be TNA or WWE.

      • MrTNA2015 says:

        I'm also sure you enjoy your WWE dance offs, kiss cam's and other nonsense that they out on TV every week go ahead brother!

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      The quality isn't really directly related to the ratings… The network they're on is. Quiet honestly Spike is considered a small network at this point, and most of their shows don't rate very well. I really wish TNA executives would start looking into other options as far as networks go, instead of staying with Spike year after year who has little to no advertising for them.

      • Jon says:

        What "other options" realistically exist? There are very few networks just dying for a pro wrestling product, even fewer dying for one that has mediocre ratings.

        And, truth is, anybody that believes the network is what holds down ratings for TNA is either delusional or whistling past the graveyard.

  2. jbcissom says:

    I loved this week's episode. I really liked Kenny King's promo on Sabin… the tag match was good (AA was f'n awesome). I just wish I could have been back home and went to the BSA to have been there live.

  3. DJBIGCG says:

    Well, at least a 0.99 is higher then there 0.94 they got last time

  4. ariesstormjoe says:

    ppl once again getting their rocks off over numbers.

    yeah ill rather care about the product that is put on and developed on tv TYVM.

    i wished so much ppl could interpret numbers better. shame that. once again i suggest read some psychological studies. and try to see whether the interpretation given for them can be used.

    ooh a dance off is on raw this week. riveting.

  5. Treck says:

    Wwe is like the kids version of the jersey shore. Moron after moron. Highly overrated and well that is just ir. Judging how mcmahon has compared his company to pure entertainment. Well then Jersey Shore is in that category and its killing wwe in ratings. Ah. McMahon. Still in the entertainment business? Top bad www is not entertaining at all.

  6. whatsup121 says:

    we need to just face it there is always something that is going to compete against TNA when it comes to ratings

  7. SageStinger says:

    All I know is I get excited for Thursdays! Bad Influence & Dirty Heels stole that freaking show, haha! Bully had some great parts too.

    Anderson: "Take that freaking shirt off."


    Great stuff TNA, keep it up.

  8. tna24 says:

    where they get there ratings., because on a site i went on rated a 1.27 as a 0.4 rating for people age 18-49. i dont know if what theyy get there stuff from rates different, but that what i read

  9. JoshuaTNA says:

    Bad Rating what are you guys talking about ?? TNA's ratngs are rising from the slump they seem to have fell in these past couple weeks, Their still the HIGHEST RATED SHOW on their network, which is all that matters, How can you degrade these ratings ?? unless your comparing it to some OTHER wrestling show on some OTHER network.

    • Mr. Excitement says:

      Not sure about highest rated. There's a show on Spike called Bar Rescue (season ended – Sunday's at 10pm) and the second last episode from this past season got a 2.1 rating. Not sure how the other episodes did but probably isn't far off.

  10. tna24 says:

    this wwe better tna suck stuff is all stupid, because base on numbers wwe isnt blowing tna out of the water in the ratings. they only avg 2.7 mill more viewers. it seem like alot more, but in all honesty to me it not that much more

  11. Mr. Excitement says:

    Why do some put so much time into talking about the WWE?

    Both companies are struggling right now. This ain't the late 1990's anymore. Many have moved on from professional wrestling.

  12. jp says:

    I’m a fan in both, and watch both regularly. Right now, to me,TNA, us by far the better show. Not even close. I’m not one that pulls for one over the other, I usually watch every episode of both. Until last week, that is.I never did watch last week’s Raw and this past Mondays is still unmatched on my dvr. Interpret that how you will

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