Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 18, 2013
This Week’s TNA iMPACT! Rating Is In ……..

This Week’s TNA iMPACT! Rating Is In ……..

UPDATE: Last night’s TNA iMPACT! Wrestling did a 0.84 (0.8) cable rating, down 17% from last week’s show. The rating is the lowest since October 4th. The show ranked #34 among cable shows in overall viewers and #19 on the male 18 – 34 and male 18 – 49 demos.

The show was down a tenth in both key male demos.

ORIGINAL: The May 16th edition of TNA iMPACT! Wrestling drew 1.05 million viewers. That is down 17% from last week’s 1.27 million. The viewership is the lowest of the year and in fact the lowest of the post-Monday Night iMPACT! era. The show was up against the high-profile New York Knicks vs. Indiana Pacers game, which drew a big 4.6 million viewers and likely hurt the iMPACT! rating. The final rating will be out shortly.

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33 Responses to “This Week’s TNA iMPACT! Rating Is In ……..”

  1. ricky_No1 says:

    No surprise its down and it will get worse.

    • ricky_No1 says:

      I love the way all the marks thumb me down for pointing out the obvious. Its not even like the thumbs down make a difference.

      • nwoforlife says:

        stop thumbing yourself i watch wwe and tna i don't see why tna gets bad rating compared to wwe because wwe got nothing on tna tna much better story lines better matches every week wwe just got a better network plain and simple that's the hole story right there its the network

        • ricky_No1 says:

          Its because WWE are established all ready. Thats the only reason they get better ratings.

          • revrock20 says:

            That is why their ratings are higher. they have been around since the 70's. However, raw and Smackdown ratings have been on a steady decline as well. An occasional .02 to .06 rise and then down again. Tna also gets weeks of small increase than down again. ROH is youngest and they already get what TNA is getting

          • OldManEaston says:

            Actually, ROH is technically older than TNA, but I get what you are saying about the televised product being younger. You can't really compare syndicated television ratings to cable television though, because the money and exposure is just not the same. Syndication is basically on it's last legs. You aren't really going to grow a promotion with syndication like you did in the 1980's, as ROH is finding out. Syndication pretty much saved them for the time being, but If they ever want to make a move to the next level, they will have to try for a cable television slot like ECW did back in their day.

          • revrock20 says:

            Good luck to them. The problem is no matter which style you prefer, sports entertainment or pro wrestling, the whole industry is taking a beating and nothing that is suggested & tried is working for anyone. As a fan it kinda sucks to watch it take this beating. Personally the death of wwe wouldn't break my heart but I don't want to see pro wrestling die.

      • andy3323 says:

        The thumbs down are to point out you are a Debbie downer troll who likes to try and spread their despair, for whatever reason. But you're probably right, it won't make a difference seeing you'll keep posting regardless.

        • ricky_No1 says:

          Do you actually know what a troll is? I post positive comments too when i see the need. I was just pointing out the fact that the marks will blame anything on poor ratings except the fact TNA suxs right now and the fact that as marks they have a blinkered view.

          • 02Roadking says:

            just because you think it sucks, and the numbers are down doesn't mean they are down because they suck. Unless you have a million neilson boxes in your home – you don't have a damn clue. Get over your own awesomeness and get a life.

          • ricky_No1 says:

            And you just validated my point. You dont agree with my opinion so resort to insult.

  2. jbcissom says:

    Don't forget… this is season/series finale time of the year as well. Not going to lie, I watched the season finale of Big Bang Theory. Impact! gets DVR'ed in my house.

  3. Jon says:

    LOL at the notion that a boring Knicks-Pacers game had a major impact on Impact, or frankly even NBA programming at all. Two distinctly different demographics. NYC biiiiiig market, but not a market generally known as a major contributor to sports-related programming* that isn't directly related to their teams (Yankees, Rangers, etc). A much more likely culprit seems like the series finale of The Office, which had major gains over ratings of recent weeks.

    (*yes, I'll exclude the Super Bowl from that statement because that's more of a general audience thing than a sports thing at this point)

  4. Roid Master says:

    Final episode of "The Office" too.

  5. DJBIGCG says:

    A 0.84 is a pretty bad rating tna pulled, but we'll see if tna can get higher ratings then this

  6. Treck says:

    Sad that the best wrestling show on tv is not watched as.much. but all of wrestling is losing fans

  7. TFnatureboyfig4 says:

    Blowful rating, especially when Spike is talking about reworking their format. A grumpy network exec is what finally did in WCW, and that kind of number sure isn't gonna make them happy. I really hope they get their numbers up soon.

  8. JoeWrestling says:

    I recall the ratings being a lot better when Vince Russo was writing. The ratings are down cause there isn't much going on. You got the "wrestling show" that the internet "journalists" whine that TNA should do. Stop listening to them, RAW is the most illogical mundane thing there is but people watch that. If you are well behind RAW and Smackdown, you have to deliver something for people to bother watching. It can't just be slow build stories, that's why Russo kept things happening every week. Some people would say Russo's writing was silly, but it's only because he watches modern TV and that's what is going on. Every show on TV isn't about the story, it's mostly about knives, guns, women pretending to be tough and posing with these items, bleeding, and violence toward women. That's just the reality of it. TNA is a TV show and a business, so maybe it ruins the show or makes it crap, but that's what you do if you are in the TV business. And something has to be done, because there is no fix for a TV show that is down in ratings, they fix it by cancelling the show and putting on a new one someone might like. We all know live shows and going on the road was the last trick in the book, but those are just prerequisites to succeeding, not the actually solution. The only way to truly get anywhere is to be perceived as direct competition to WWE, which means having massive amounts of money to advertise and to buy contracts of top stars out from under WWE every time their contracts come up. But that's not happening.

    • JoshuaTNA says:

      I agree, say what you want about Russo but he is the best in the business when it comes to creating Wrestling personalities but he is weak on just about everything else unfortunately.

    • OzzfactorDro says:

      Brilliant, dude… I cosign to everything you said. I love Tna… LOVE IT. I've literally watched since the first weekly PPV. As TNA fans, we've had our ups (signing Angle, Sting, Christian) and then we've had plenty of downs (Bischoff/Hogan flop, Samoa Joe's almost yearlong jobbing streak, revealing Devon to be the "Sergeant in Arms", the WHOLE Aces and 8's angle, and who could forget Fortune…) I'll be the first one to tell TNA that they've done a great job, like hitting the road and shooting live. That's a BIG progress, but only in the production department; not in the storyline department. The main thing I agree with you is where you said losing Russo was detrimental to the show. It really was. I absolutely despise the IWC for constantly giving Russo a hard time. They want to blame him for WCW, when it was in fact the Turner/AOL executives like Brad Siegel and shuffling bookers every three to six months. Russo didn't get more than three or four months at a time to try and change things. He actually raised it back up to a 3.0 when they were hovering around 1.9 – 2.3. TNA will never gain traction as long as they keep rolling with the A&8's storyline. There was all of this build up to who the VP and Prez of the group was. Bully Ray was the hottest heel for a minute so I can see where they tried to fit him in… But D-Lo??? WHAT?! All of those months of waiting for D-Lo??? It's obvious that Anderson was the last top tier talent that they're going to snatch from McMahon. I don't watch WWE so I couldn't honestly tell you how bad they are right now, but I can't imagine their storylines developing any slower. Lagana has proved to be a lackluster writer, thinking he can rip off Sons of Anarchy and put that towards wrestling. I hope Vince Russo is somewhere laughing his ass of at the IWC with a big "I told ya so" smile on his face. Pro Wrestling is an episodic type of show where you MUST be left wondering something/anything as it goes off of the air so that the viewer will fiend to see the next episode. TNA is just flat out not doing that at all. Aries&Roode, Kaz&Daniels, AJ, and the occasional awesome promo from Sting are the only reasons I even keep watching. I could see Kenny King developing into a star too. Bringing back Petey and Sonjay was a great move too. I just hope it's not too little too late because TNA is the last piece of pro wrestling that I hold near and dear to the heart. If they go under, I'll be forced to completely grow up, lol. Man oh man…

      • JoeWrestling says:

        WWE RAW quality has sunk. This weeks show featured a tag match against Johnny Curtis & Wade Barrett. A Titus ONeil match. A Big E Langston match. An AJ Lee match. A Zack Ryder match. The same Shield 6 man tag we've seen 15 times now., although it was the best match on the show. A Jack Swagger match. And your main event: Triple H vs Michael Mcgillicutty. If you like NXT, you'll love this show. It's like a who's who of NXT. Yes, it's very odd that Michael Mcgillicutty is supposed to suddenly be main event talent when I just saw Mcgillicutty lose to Sin Cara on last weeks Superstars.

  9. lethalgunstyles says:

    boring episode of impact anyway, i'm kind of only really watching it every second week now

    • OldManEaston says:

      Pretty much all televised wrestling with the exception of ROH is a DVR show, that you can pretty much fast forward through at least half, and you aren't afraid to miss something. TNA moves slower than a woman's soap opera now, which is not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself. but the problem is that there is just nothing really compelling going on. Slow burn is fine if it is good compelling drama with characters, feuds or matches you are invested in. That just isn't the case with TNA right now though.

      I've got exactly one thing to be interested in for next week's impact, and that is to see what happens with AJ Styles and Aces and 8's. I have to be honest though, it is a mild interest and not enough to keep me glued to the tv for a whole 2 hours instead of doing something else, and it is not because I have a short attention span. I will fish for 8 hours straight for Christ sakes, even if it is not a particularly great day, but I can't bring myself to watch a whole hour of wrestling on most nights anymore, and it is not because I like wrestling any less.

  10. hangers says:

    No excuses anymore, TNA needs to ditch the woeful A&8's storyline and get some new writers who can actually produce an entertaining show. Also Velvet needs to drop the strap to Gail Kim so we can see some actual womens wrestling again as although Velvet has a hot body she cant wrestle for sh|t..

    • JoshuaTNA says:

      Your Completely correct, The problem with TNA is that they keep giving the belts to the wrongs guys who can't/won't help advance their company, the only champion on the roster who I would say they made the right decision on and is a breathe of fresh air is Kenny King, On the other hand the problem with the aces and 8's storyline is that they gave them too much to soon, they control the major titles and really have no main purpose anymore, and I'm starting to sense the writers scrambling to find storylines so that they push Devon, Garret, Briscoe, Anderson and Dock in our faces so we don't forget about them. Giving Bully Ray the World Title was a mistake because now he and A&8's no longer have a purpose for attacking people and causing mayhem.

      • hangers says:

        You hit the nail on the head regarding having no main purpose, what is their purpose or agenda now? Why should I keep watching them? What am I hoping to see them or the faces do? The storyline, hopefully will get watered down and the group broken up sooner rather than later..

      • Chad says:

        I think that most of these critiques are credible. I’m a huge TNA fan; but I gotta say that they’re not gaining any traction from hitting the road like I thought they would. I gotta say, the show’s PRODUCTION looks great. However, I can see Lagana and crew scrambling to see what will work with A&8’s. They have completely ruined Bully Ray with the A&8’s. He could have been a great heel, thought he could be the NYC version of SCSA (a tweener badass). I knew the instant Devon was revealed as the first guy that A&8’s would not work. I catch myself really wondering if Impact will still be on the air next year and the year after. The only things I can praise TNA for right now are AJ going heel, Aries&Roode, Kaz&Daniels, and mayyybe Kenny King. Everything else is sooooooo boring. Thank God for DVR so I can fast forward through all of the filler crap. Last week’s Impact deserved the low rating because it was horrible. The Brooke and Bully thing is beyond failure. Do not even call me a troll against TNA either, I spend 50-65 bucks on tickets everytime they come to town and I actually try to spread the good gospel of TNA… When it’s deserved. Ok, now everyone can take a shot at me, lol.

  11. lee4tammy says:

    i remember when every one was like they need to go live and get out the impact zone and ratings will improve

    only way ratigs will get over 1.5 million viewers is if they sign a huge name like cena

    sad but true

  12. nwoforlife says:

    its not what tna is doing its not the wrestling because tna is way better then wwe right now but it is the network they are on plain and simple and just fact so don't count the rating until they get a good network if tna was on usa the rating would go just as high as wwe if not better

  13. A_Double says:

    A few months ago I would've bet that going live and going on the road would have meant a gradual up curve in ratings but nothing so far!? I think Impact looks a much bigger deal in front of 4000 fans.
    Seems that wrestling viewership is still in decline overall, at least in US. WWE's ratings will likely <2.0 this year too. TNA need to keep working on their growth markets, like the UK where they get more viewers than WWE on TV and put a lot in to the January tours to raise their profile and bring in new casual fans. MAGNUS for WHC!

  14. josieamy says:

    I have been with TNA since the one hour adrenalin rush days, and will continue to be a fan. But the way they are trying to compete with WWE is silly. Trying to shoot that high will cost a lot of money and could ultimately destroy the company. I wish they would promote themselves more as pro wrestlng, as opposed to sports entertainment. Have some more hard core matches and x division matches-short sharp exciting matches. Be happy with a 1 rating, but achieve it by spending less and staying more viable.

  15. tsoutheast says:

    Until they get away from the WCW theory,that old wrestlers can draw.IMPACT will continue to stink in the ratings.STING and Hogan can't draw,and Aces & Eights aren't over with the fans.The young talent doesn't get a chance and the Knockouts are now a joke.

  16. OldManEaston says:

    Did any of you guys ever come to the simple conclusion that WWE's ratings are better than TNA's because there is a larger market for the type of wrestling/sports entertainment that WWE produces than what TNA offers and likely always will be for the foreseeable future in the US? That it isn't the network, that it doesn't matter that TNA arguably has a better all around product, that is really isn't about who has the most history, or even the most exposure to a certain extent. I'll give you that one to some degree, but in reality TNA has pretty good exposure now days. If you are a US/Canadian wrestling fan and you haven't at least heard of TNA at this point, you are living under a freaking rock in the internet age. They have the supposed biggest name in wrestling history (Hulk Hogan) always doing marketing spots, they have a pretty deeply penetrating network in spike tv, and have had some of the bigger names in wrestling over the last 10-20 years, Sting, Flair, Hogan, Scott Hall, Nash, RVD, Angle, Jeff Hardy, the Dudley's etc. You are telling me that WWE could draw a much larger rating when it was a much smaller network, that it is impossible for TNA to do better than low 1's now that Spike is bigger? That people won't watch TNA because they don't know about Spike TV or don't like the other shows on the network. That same argument proved to be completely false when World Class debuted on the regional Christian station in Dallas. To quote WCCW head referee David Manning: People said it wouldn't last, that it wouldn't be allowed, that people wouldn't watch and within a short time it was the highest rated show on the network. then exploded in syndication.

    Let's just put it this way, back during the 80's when the Von Erich's were hot, about half the crowd was screaming teenage and early 20 something girls and even older women. Do you think they really gave a hoot about old Man Von Erich's legacy? That Bruiser Brody was one of the toughest SOB's in the business, or that Chris Adams was one of the finest technical wrestlers of his generation? Hell no, they just wanted to see Kerry shake his ass and tease taking off his ring jacket. They just wanted to ram their tongue down Kevin's throat and fantasize about bad boy Michael Hayes. And when Chris Adams was a face, they just wanted to swoon over his boyish good looks and his exotic English accent. Same was true for WWF with Hogan. Did half the audience that were little kids and their parents care that Hogan was really a bad worker compared to Bruno and that he relied and the same basic match format and corny spots all the freaking time? Of course not, they just loved the whole Hulkamania thing and the rock-n-wrestling connection. When you say things like, I can't understand why TNA doesn't draw a better rating because they have the better product, or WWE has simply just been around longer, otherwise nobody would be watching them and instead would be watching TNA, is a borderline fallacy of assumption.

    I don't know why so many of you guys seemingly bang your heads against walls with all of this . Just like I said in my Dixie Carter post, is it always all about WWE? It is like I have always said, if TNA can't beat WWE at their own game (Which they can't), then they probably need to be about being the best they can be at something Radically different and marketable as such. Just like ECW was radically different than both WWF and WCW and ROH is noticeably different that WWE or TNA presently, or even how Chikara is uniquely different from literally EVERYONE!

    If this is merely a pissing contest where its about being the big dog, I got news for ya. You're gonna lose. Watching those Friday returns is just gonna drive you nuts.

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