Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Dec 7, 2013
This Week’s TNA iMPACT! Rating Is In …….

This Week’s TNA iMPACT! Rating Is In …….

UPDATE: Thursday night’s iMPACT! Wrestling drew a 1.0 cable rating, up 43% from last week’s 0.7.

ORIGINAL: Thursday night’s episode of iMPACT! Wrestling drew 1.24 million viewers, up 35% from the 921,000 viewers who watched on Thanksgiving last week. The show drew a 0.4 rating in the 18 – 49 demographic, up a tenth from last week.

Last week’s low rating was of course due to the holiday. The full rating should be available later today.

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10 Responses to “This Week’s TNA iMPACT! Rating Is In …….”

  1. DJBIGCG says:

    Tna pulling 1.0s, usually means the same people are watching. There is no telling what tna can do to get more viewers

  2. Nate says:

    Growth is important. But, there isnt anything wrong with being steady. When TNA starts producing a 2.0 or better, peoplea eyes will open!

  3. milleniumcowboy says:

    If the product is good enough and the creativity is good people will watch. Right now the creativity is horrible and the talent is just fair with a few exceptions. Still, I'd rather pull my fingernails out than watch wwe.

  4. Dartvada says:

    The problem is that all of wrestling is not as popular as it once was. A company has to innovate somehow. To me tna is fun to watch. But wrestling as a whole is too busy catering to the iwc and forgetting the majority. The iwc when wrestling is big is just a speck in the sand.

    • XcluZive says:

      True, but WWE ratings not hurting any. Im a huge TNA fan been so since the $9.95 Weds weekly PPVS, but Dixie is killing TNA. Hogan is no longer there, so where is the extra money going?

      • Bigmike885 says:

        WWEs ratings arnt hurting?…really?..theyre in the mid 2s to low 3s right now..thats WAAAAAAY down from even last year..

  5. Peckar says:

    The segment with The Hebners was a little difficult to watch.

    • OldManEaston says:

      It was one of those rare segments that made me embarrassed for all involved. It was one of those, please can we just get this over with segments that just keep going on and on and on.

    • tnadude says:

      Agreed. It wasn't even all that good for EC3…

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