Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 6, 2013
This Week’s TNA iMPACT! Wrestling Rating Is In …….

This Week’s TNA iMPACT! Wrestling Rating Is In …….

Thursday’s episode of iMPACT! Wrestling did a 1.10 (1.1) cable rating, with 1.43 million viewers, up 7% and 8% from last week’s 1.03 and 1.31 million biewers. The rating was the highest since the March 7th episode did a 1.13.

The show ranked #31 among cable Tv shows for the night in overall viewers, #16 among males 18 – 34 and #13 among males 18 – 49. The show was up 0.1 among males 18 -34 from last week.

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14 Responses to “This Week’s TNA iMPACT! Wrestling Rating Is In …….”

  1. jbcissom says:

    I actually enjoyed the KO tag match with the Sleaze as the ref. Very entertaining.

  2. whatsup121 says:

    Joey ryan defentaly helped the knockout by adding fuel to the fire between Gail & Taryn

  3. Whatever says:

    Alright since nobody else is going to bring it up I guess I will. Another horrible rating for tna impact surprise surprise surprise. Fans need to give up on the idea that they will ever get anything higher, and spike needs to do the right thing and cancel impact wrestling cause its a big f-ing joke. There that should give you tna fan boy slap nuts an excuse to talk about how great the rating are and how high it increased from last week. Dumbasses.

    • jbcissom says:

      Says the pathetic WWE-fanboy.

      You know you're a failure when you suck at trolling.

      • Whatever says:

        Ouch that one hurt my feelings slap nut. If I only gave a flying f•ck what u thought but unfortunately for u I don’t. I was planted on this website to get dumbass fan boys like u to respond to my comment. And guess what it worked so now u can go back to ur lonely life thinking u have contributed to society when in fact ur a loser who still lives at home with ur parents. Dumbass.

        • jbcissom says:

          Are you that same prick that said I have no idea what it is like to conceive a child (mind you, I have two children with my wife, and live over 500 miles from the nearest family member for both my wife or myself).

          It's Saturday… sick wife… sick kids… no college football or any football for that matter… so I check out a wrestling website that I frequent…

          You still suck at being a troll. That's an epic fail… of epic proportions.

          • Whatever says:

            No sorry u got the wrong guy. But I would have probably said something any guy (GAY or straight) with a dick can have a baby but it takes a real man to be a father. But anyways sorry bout the sick family I also have 2 kids and a wife and hate when they all have a cold at the same time and it makes it worse when ur sport isn’t on. But ur still a dumbass but enjoy the rest of ur weekend

  4. purpleurkel says:

    8% ? I will call it the "Petey bump"

  5. tsoutheast says:

    Funny,because the show was teribble..

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