Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 24, 2014
TNA Announces A Deal With United Talent Agency

TNA Announces A Deal With United Talent Agency

TNA sent out the following today, announcing a new deal with UTA. UTA will represent TNA and the Impact series moving forward in new TV, licensing and touring deals.…

Leading Pro Wrestling Company TNA Entertainment and its FLAGSHIP PROGRAM Impact Wrestling Sign with UTA

Beverly Hills, CA (April 24, 2014) — TNA Entertainment, the Nashville-based sports entertainment company known for the global pro wrestling program, IMPACT Wrestling, has signed with UTA, it was announced jointly today by Dixie Carter, President of TNA Entertainment, and UTA.

TNA Entertainment’s IMPACT Wrestling, one of Spike TV’s top-rated shows, averaging 1.4 million viewers each week, is broadcast in 120 countries worldwide. Additionally, TNA Entertainment produces more than 100 live Impact Wrestling events each year as well as monthly PPV events with such internationally beloved professional wrestling stars as Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle, Eric Young, Magnus, James Storm, MVP, Gail Kim and the lovely and lethal Knockouts. UTA will represent the 12-year-old company to extend its television broadcast reach as well as to expand its licensing programs and slate of live event programming. TNA will also leverage UTA’s expertise in digital and social media to build monetization strategies for its digital media operations. TNA launched a cross-platform programming effort, #IMPACT 365, in October 2013 to provide viewers with ongoing storyline and original content 24/7 on its website and across YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and other platforms.

“UTA’s diverse range of capabilities make them an ideal partner to help TNA add tremendous visibility and value to the global IMPACT Wrestling brand,” said Dixie Carter. “We are confident that by working with the UTA team, we will not only expand our wrestling business in exciting ways, but we will also build new entertainment ventures and properties.” TNA Entertainment, LLC is a privately held sports entertainment company based in Nashville, Tennessee, that specializes in events, products, numerous TV properties, merchandise and music, as well as, the management and promotion of professional wrestlers. The product is the world’s most innovative experience in professional wrestling and is broadcast in more than 120 countries. For more information, please visit

United Talent Agency is a premier global talent and literary agency representing many of the world’s most widely-known figures in every current and emerging area of entertainment, including motion pictures, television, digital media, video games, books, music, theatre and live entertainment. The agency is also globally recognized in the areas of film finance, film packaging, corporate consulting, branding, licensing, endorsements and the representation of production talent. The agency operates the brand strategy firm UTA Brand Studio as well as New York and Los Angeles-based United Entertainment Group, a joint venture firm focusing on branded entertainment for Fortune 500 companies. UTA also owns leading broadcast and news agency N.S. Bienstock.

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6 Responses to “TNA Announces A Deal With United Talent Agency”

  1. Whatever says:

    “Leading pro wrestling company” what in the hell are they leading in. It’s sure not the ratings and damn sure not their programming. Will someone please with an intelligent mind and answer what it is. It could be leading in the biggest let downs though.

    • soulbadguy says:

      It leads in the UK i guess, so that accounts for something. Also, they're doing good to be saying TNA as the leading one, it makes them sound good.

      • Whatever says:

        Now that is an intelligent answer. Thank you for that and I can accept that. Other “fans” need to take a lesson from you on how to give a response.

    • JoeWrestling says:

      They must be leading something, cause W!W!E has copied them enough times. Anyway, you are confusing the word leading with lead. W!W!E is the lead wrestling comany, leading just means high profile, which they are number two. Yes, the word leading can be used to mean the best, but it's also used in general term to mean one of the best.

  2. This sounds huge. I don't know if I'm reading it right, but is this a big deal? I hope it's going to help TNA big time cause they need to do something. TNA is amazing right now no matter what all the smarks on the internet are saying cause all they do is think about marketing for whatever reason. We are fans, we don't run TNA or any wrestling company. If I'm enjoying TNA and it's going to be on tv, I ain't complaining about something stupid like how much they hype their ppvs or matches. I love EY being champ. I love how it happened and shocked me. I love TNA pushing new stars regardless of it being only cause of losing money (Sting Hogan Bischoff Flair etc) the only complaint I have is Dixie Carter. I liked her at first but her coming back is just annoying and makes no sense. MVP moving forward, no exceptions. Stop with the Dixie stuff, just cause you like playing a character doesn't mean it's going for the show. You are boring us to death!!!

  3. UCEAD11 says:

    I am actually stoked about this move too….its got some great professional stars under its belt….found that out in wikipedia…..Which means if spike isnt adquate enough for the impact audience, they may have to move on. Someone is thinking well on their feet and keeping it away from employees as they should. everything in management needs to stay on a need to know basis.

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