Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jan 22, 2013
TNA Announces Gut Check Challenge Tournament

TNA Announces Gut Check Challenge Tournament

TNA has announced that they are holding a fan-voted tournament to determine which former TNA Gut Check participant will be able to appear on iMPACT! Wrestling as part of a Gut Check segment. You can vote once per bracket (there are sixteen brackets), with voting ending on March 11th. The voting page, which is linked above, includes over 300 names with links to information and videos of each competitor.

Among the competitors are WWE Tough Enough alumnus A.J. Kirsch (aka Aaron Kirsch), Chase Stevens, Tommaso Ciampa, Bobby Fish, Chasyn Rance, Lince Dorado, Dimitrios Papadoniou (Papadon), Sami Johnston (Sami Callihan) and Arda Ocal of The Score.

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19 Responses to “TNA Announces Gut Check Challenge Tournament”

  1. kevout says:

    Chase Stevens? One half of TNA original tag team The Naturals?

    • Dante_Cross says:

      It seems wierd that TNA doesn't just let their former talent back into the fold like every other wrestling company does. I mean, with Stevens for instance, guys who have been in TNA already should not have to do Gutcheck as it's making them seem like newcomers when they were originals to TNA. York is perhaps an exception since he only had one match, but if Stevens returned, it'd have to be with his partner on that note. But in ending, I wouldn't want to see a guy like say, Monty Brown have to go through Gutcheck just to get back into TNA. TNA hasn't done a 'return' in years of a star from years of old, aside from Wildcat.

      • THISISASHOOT247 says:

        I agree! When I first saw his name on the bracket, I was like, "wtf?? why dont they just hire the guy and let him return. The fans would love it!"

  2. IHNSAIN says:

    not checked out the rest but chase could be a nice addition to the x-div
    *edit* ok so andy was the one i relly liked lol ignore top part : )

  3. Tiffanydude says:

    Chase Stevens!!!! OMG If only Andy Douglas wasn't retired D:
    *edit* By the way Chase Stevens has a Christian York Body now damn :I

  4. Tiffanydude says:

    Andy Douglas had Dark hair and the Link is "TNA has announced"

  5. dcxboxx says:

    not all of the names fans can vote on want to even be part of the gut check. luke hawks posted on his facebook that he doesnt want fans to vote for him he is on under his real name like most guys on the lists. he got contacted by them ignored them at first then said he was not interested, yet still listed. so some of these guys are filler to make it seem bigger than it is. hes doing extreme rising and he owns wildkat , he works a few indies regular and has worked with wwe at local events in the area. if he was to sign with anyone it would be wwe. apparently luke hawks was not paid for his original tna tryout, so thats prob a reason he questions them.

  6. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    chase stevens ftw

  7. mthomashoover says:

    Whoever came up with this idea deserves a raise and a promotion. This is first thing TNA has done in a long time that was truly original, engages the fans, and creates new stars. I love it. I'm voting now.

  8. tna24 says:

    weird a former tna guy on the list for guy check. what next jay lethal

  9. tna24 says:

    well look like chase might make the second round.

  10. Laker says:


  11. hangers says:

    How about no one?

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