Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Dec 31, 2012
TNA Attendance Drops, Hulk Hogan Update & More

TNA Attendance Drops, Hulk Hogan Update & More

– As we noted earlier here on the website, Hulk Hogan was recently offered a big money deal by Multimedios in Mexico to take part in one wrestling match. Hogan turned down the offer saying there was “no way he would consider wrestling again.” This comes just a week after Hogan made comments where he said at 59 years old he wanted to be champion again in TNA. Is anyone really surprised by Hogan contradicting himself?!

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– Last November (2011), the average attendance for a TNA live event was 975. This year it is only 581, a 40.4% drop overall. WWE also saw a big drop in attendance in 2012 going down from 5,429 to 4,786, a 12% drop overall.

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