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TNA Basebrawl Results 7.13.13: Washington, PA

TNA Basebrawl Results 7.13.13: Washington, PA

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* Chris Sabin defeated Austin Aries with a schoolboy.

* Gail Kim pinned ODB.

* Joesph Park, Esq. defeated DOC with the giant second rope splash.

* TNA Tag Team Champions James Storm and Gunner defeated Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff.

* Intermission: Earl and Brian Hebner were signing the “Damn Right I Did” T-Shirts at the merch table.

* Jeff Hardy defeated Devon with the Twist of Fate.

* Kurt Angle defeated AJ Styles with the Olympic Slam.

Notes: The box office said about 1,200 tickets sold, not including the walk up….ODB signed autographs at the merch table before the show…Jimmy Jay was pushing Merch before the show, during intermission, and after the show….Jeremy Borash handled the ring announcer duties for the evening and Atlas handled security….The Wrestlers entered for left field and the ring was set up near home plate. Each entrance seemed like it took forever for the wrestlers to get to the ring. Chris Sabin sprinted like the Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania….Kurt Angle posed for pictures in the ring after the match for $20.

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3 Responses to “TNA Basebrawl Results 7.13.13: Washington, PA”

  1. Dennis D says:

    I’d like to see an iMPACT taping at one of these BaseBrawl events. Apparently they did really strong at the Brooklyn BaseBrawl. So maybe an event around that area? It’d be different to see an outdoor iMPACT.

    That and I’m still waiting for an iMPACT show in the Hammerstein Ballroom! That place always draws with the hardcore fans. With that in mind, they’d HAVE to have a hardcore themed show. A “Monster’s Ball” match and a “Full Metal Mayhem”…

    Hell, that’d be THE night to resurrect the “KING OF THE MOUNTAIN”!

    Imagine those oldschool fans who KNOW what KOTM is, they’d tear the roof off the Ballroom

    • tna caput mundi says:

      That's what i was saying in another thread.
      TNA should take advantage of the audience in philly or in place like the Hammerstein Ballroom.
      a lot of people doesnt understand TNA' s got a great audience even in that area.TNA should keep on taking the audience where wcw was hot but at the same time TNA's got to take advantage from the people who watch TNA from the start from that area.

      A couple of my friends told me that TNA's audience from that area was attracted by the high flying action and the resemblance with a part of ecw's product.
      Then my point is TNA's gotta to go there more often

      • jflegler says:

        Yep! I agree with both of you.

        I lived in both North Jersey and now close to Philly and the Indy scene is hot – can't see why TNA can't capitalize on this as well. The action is edgy and fast enough to attract the old-school hardcore fans.

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