Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 19, 2013
TNA Boot Camp Series Coming To Australia

TNA Boot Camp Series Coming To Australia

According to in Australia, TNA is planning a second version of the Boot Camp series that will take place in Australia. Dave Farlie, head trainer of Perth’s Dynamite Factory, had the following to say about the show…

“Without a doubt it’d be the chance of a lifetime. We work so hard here in Western Australia. For years it felt like we were a whole world away from the heights of pro-wrestling, but this would bring it right to our doorstep.”

The British Boot Camp begins airing in Australia in April on Foxtel’s Fuel TV channel.

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12 Responses to “TNA Boot Camp Series Coming To Australia”

  1. Dante_Cross says:

    You hear very nothing about Aussie wrestling to the point where it feels non existent. This will be a great chance for them to get out there and show the world what Aussies have to offer.

  2. soyfenomenal says:

    What I get out of this article is that the already-concluded show, British Boot Camp, is going to be running in Australia in April. Am I wrong?
    Or is this article supposed to mean they're doing a new show in Australia?

  3. TNArocks says:

    Well I personally hope it is both, although it the aussie boot camp sound more like rumour and speculation at this stage. I think if it is true the next step would be the first stop on the maximum impact tour!! YAY!!!

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      i think it would be good to help show some australian wrestling history along with current stars to improve on what it is atm. like with what they did with the boot camp series in uk….we dont have a wrestling show based in the uk atm thats actually on tv so would it be good to see if the bootcamp shows could open the doors for that to happen? absolutely as other countries are like that too even tho their wrestling scene may be great in an indy sort of perception.

      but eventually tna should be thinking about having wrestlers from various countries on the same show. and the series needs to be longer too so viewers can see them really grow. the british series seemed rushed. so make the episodes an hour long and maybe 10-12 episodes a series. i think that would be good to see.

  4. AussieWrestling says:

    Next year im going to be training at perths dynamite factory 🙂 Maybe in the following years to come Tna might have some scouts there and you guys will all see me on your tv in like 5 years.

    Only one can dream…

  5. AussieWrestling says:

    If you read the article it basically says that tna will tour Australia on their world tour if the second season of boot camp is in Australia.

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