Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jun 27, 2013
TNA Hires Former WWE Executive – Details

TNA Hires Former WWE Executive – Details

TNA sent out the following today…


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 27, 2013) – John Gaburick has been named Executive Vice President of Television Production for TNA Entertainment effective immediately. Gaburick is an accomplished production executive who joins TNA from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) where he served as Vice President of Television Production. The announcement was made today by President Dixie Carter, to whom he will report. In his new role, Gaburick will oversee management and production of TNA Entertainment television including LIVE IMPACT Wrestling, marketing and advertising production, special projects and digital assets.

“As TNA evolves, John’s award-winning creative vision and production expertise coupled with his sports and entertainment industry business savvy make him the perfect person to push us in new directions,” said Carter. “He is a gifted and innovative storyteller, and we are thrilled to have him on board.

“I’ve always admired Dixie Carter and TNA as a uniquely dynamic and growing organization,” said Gaburick. “This opportunity marks an exciting new challenge for me, and I am honored to join the team.”

Prior to joining TNA Entertainment, Gaburick spent the past 13 years in production at WWE. While there, he was awarded the PROMAX/BDA Brandbuilder of the Year Award and guided all image and brand-building media campaigns, as well as network documentary programming. Additionally, he spent 10 years as Operations Manager for National Business Archives in Jessup, Maryland. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from Towson University in Towson, Maryland and is a proud member of The Towson University Athletic Hall of Fame. He will be relocating to Nashville with his wife and two young children.

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12 Responses to “TNA Hires Former WWE Executive – Details”

  1. DJBIGCG says:

    Didn't the wwe fire this guy

    • pepsilover2008 says:

      From what i've heard he kinda just left. even if they did, it can't hurt to have someone with more experience/

    • Sturk says:

      Whats that have to do with anything? I hate the mindset fans have… If wwe fires a guy tna cant hire him. Why can't they? So if I get fired nobody can ever hire me again?

      • Philly_Cheese says:

        It's not always because WWE let them go they can't be hired by TNA. Sometimes companies have reasons for firing someone, you have to look into someone's past before hiring them. If someone has a bad reputation for not doing their work well, would you hire them?

        Also to the original poster, no one really knows for sure. He's not really known by the wrestling community, and when he left WWE nothing was ever said by either John or WWE. It could be anywhere from him growing bored of working there, to WWE letting him go.

        • Sturk says:

          of course you do but thats obvously not the case here….. There is nothing and never will be nothing wrong with TNA hiring someone from WWE or vice versa no matter how much people on this site or any wrestling site cries or whines about it. I mean you can whine & cry until you're blue in the face but at the end of the day you can never stop it. Why? cause there is nothing wrong with it.

          Not meaning you Philly Cheese but people in general.

      • DJBIGCG says:

        So most of tna (or a lot at least) are guys wwe has fired. I bet people like you say you can't stand wwe, but love tna which is fine. But when wwe fires somebody and tna hires that person, you probably get happy like a nine year old in a room full of candy and chant tna as loud as you can

        • Sturk says:

          who me? No I've been a PRO WRESTLING fan since I was a little child and i UNDERSTAND that people switch companies. It has ALWAYS and I repeat ALWAYS been like that. Why has it always been like that? cause there is NOTHING wrong with it. SIMPLE……….

          WWE/F, NWA/WCW/GWF/UWF/ECW/AWA etc you name it I am a fan of it all. No bias, just realistic…. some of you guys on this site should try to be realistic a bit more.

  2. Stunner says:

    That other company is too big, eventually it will crumble it always happens in business when a company gets to big, their are already cracks in the armor already. I believe with all those huge contracts that some of the board of trustees are already looking at some of their guys will be forced to restructure their contracts or be shown the door. This is just my opinion if you think I’m full of it take a look at their stock prices, and their outlook it’s not pretty I can say that much.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      The wrestling industry as a whole is down across the board. WWE did nothing over the last decade to attract more fans, and when it breaks down to it they control the greater portion of the market. When WCW died, so did the industry. They have no major competition so their product has grown stagnant and stale. TNA is attempting to build the industry back up, but unfortunately I doubt they can do that any day soon. The former fans who used to be into wrestling have moved onto MMA, and those fans bad mouth wrestling because it's grown boring.

  3. Laker says:

    Hope he doesn’t make it PG

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