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TNA House Show Report 6.09.13: Aiken, SC

TNA House Show Report 6.09.13: Aiken, SC

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The arena was just under 1/2 full, but the crowd was hot all night.

1. Joseph Park defeated Robbie E in a forgettable match.

2. Velvet Sky defeated Gail Kim with “in yo face”

3. Kurt Angle defeated Wes Brisco with the Olympic Slam. After the match he got on the mic and thanked the fans and talked about how honored he was about getting inducted in the TNA Hall of Fame.

4. AJ Styles defeated Bobby Roode when Roode tapped to the “Calf Killer”.

5. Bad Influence defeated Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez with a roll up holding the tights. Bad Influence continues to be the most entertaining on the mic and in the ring.

6. Jeff Hardy defeated Mr. Anderson with a “Twist of Fate” after Brian Hebner restarted the match when the chain fell out when he raised Anderson’s arm. Anderson originally won with a chain shot to Hardy when Hebner was down after a ref bump.

Notes: Overall, a fun night. I got in early for the meet and greet. Everyone (Kaz, Daniels, Robbie E, Roode, Joe Parks) was cool except Bobby Roode, who seemed like he didn’t want to be there. I got backstage for autographs during intermission (AJ, Gail, Chavo, Hernandez, and Hardy) and all were great and seemed gracious. Hardy was especially nice in speaking with everyone and taking pictures with anyone who wanted one.

Loudest pop: Hardy, followed closely by Angle.

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  1. annil8or4321 says:

    its good to know not everyone in the entertainment industry has a huge ego

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