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TNA House Show Results 01.24.13 – Nottingham, England

TNA House Show Results 01.24.13 – Nottingham, England

Credit: Adrian Cook

Attendance was small, less than 1900 (ask security, they usually have the numbers!) this is substantially less than last year’s event and probably why Nottingham isn’t part of the 2014 tour. WWE usually attracts 5,000 to the same venue.

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez beat Bad Influence. A nice match with a few comedy spots.

Rockstar Spud and Marty Scurll fought in a match billed as a British Bootcamp rematch. I believe Spud won but Scurrll apparently was dominating the fight.

The Blossom Twins beat Gail Kim and Tara after being beaten up on all match thanks to a roll up. The heels laid into the twins only to be saved by referee, Velvet Sky. Jeremy Borash asked the crowd if they wanted to see them on the roster full time which brought a large pop and hinted at a season 2!

RVD beat Zema Ion. Five star frog splash straight over Earl Hebner, who was in front of RVD while he was on the ropes. Pretty cool finish.

Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and James Storm was turned into a tag match when Storm brought Magnus in as a partner. Storm and Magnus won after a spot where Roode went to spit beer in storms face but storm ducked. Roode was cleared from the ring and Aries received a superkick. Storm went into the crowd while the cage was brought out.

Jeremy Borash desperately filled time for fifteen minutes until they were set up for the main event.

Sting and Kurt Angle beat Devon and DOC Devon and DOC came out followed by Kurt Angle and Sting. Angle was beat up outside by Mike Knox leading to a 2 vs. 1 situation. Angle eventually made it in and as he was dominating a masked aces and eights member came out and attacked Kurt and Sting with a hammer. Angle kicked out of a pin and a table was brought in to the ring. Bully Ray ran out to make the save a wassup headbutt was nailed on Devon and DCOC was double chokeslammed through the table for the three count.

Bully went on to cut a promo and give a kid from the audience a piece of the table, and that pretty much brought the show to a close. Bully received by far the biggest pop. It feels wrong to see him as a face.

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4 Responses to “TNA House Show Results 01.24.13 – Nottingham, England”

  1. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    good account ,thanks

  2. hangers says:

    'Scurl apparently was dominating the fight'. Was he watching the fight or just heard about it from someone?

  3. kaecyus says:

    I was there. Spud did win, but Scurl was getting more pops. He was playing far more to the crowd than Spud, who just didn't seem right. Not seen British Boot Camp though so I didn't have a chance to get used to his style and mannerisms beforehand. Spud won by a handful of tights.

    I dispute the numbers that WWE attracts though. I would say indeed that there were a lot of empty seats, and I agree that's why they're moving away from Nottingham next year which is a shame, but Birmingham isn't that far away. But WWE must have more people standing, which would not have been a pleasant experience in my book.

    And JB didn't 'desperately' fill time. He had to get B-roll for the special they're running, and it was the perfect opportunity to have a bit of fun and introduce celebrities that were there.

    Seems like the writer either wasn't paying attention or wasn't there and just reading tweets. Former or latter, this article shouldn't be here in it's current form. For my first live show, it was awesome.

    The only bad thing I heard was about the Fan interaction. Apparently TNA erected a barrier AND put tables in front of their stars. Only had about 8 and that included the British Boot Camp. They were supposedly rushed along conveyor belt style which had a lot of people playing it down for the increase in price (£37.50) when they didn't even get a programme as part of the price. But that was it.

  4. A_Double says:

    I was there too, 4th row. We really enjoyed the show. Good matches on the whole with some crowd interaction Daniels, Kaz, Roode and Aries all worked in good comedy spots, Magnus was booked as a face and was well over, Spud was the only heel to win a match (will he be going to OVW ??)Earl was funny, making 'fat' gestures to some guy in the crowd who was shouting 'You screwed Brett' and he revealed the usual 'Damn right I did' t-shirt.

    The card was not quite as strong as last year in my opinion; it missed having Hogan and a WHC match. The souvenir program was ten quid and 50% of the pictures were the same from last year, just pasted on to new backgrounds which was disappointing.

    Borash said footage from the Nottingham show would be aired Feb 10th On Challenge TV (in UK)

    I agree the arena was not sold out (perhaps 2/3 full, same as last year) but for TNA, attendance of 1900 is not 'small'. I think the Wembley shows will be the best Impacts of the year once again and probably Manchester will be good too, TBH

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