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TNA House Show Results 02.16.13 – Beckley, WV

TNA House Show Results 02.16.13 – Beckley, WV

Credit: Leonard G. Sims II & PW Torch

Notes: The show started promptly at 7:30 p.m. Jeremy Borash announced the event, then introduced Earl Hebner, who came out to chants of “I screwed Bret (Hart).” He pulled off his referee shirt to reveal his own shirt – “Yes, I screwed Bret” – to a chorus of boos.

(1) Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero beat Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan. The opener was good with Morgan having heat. Hernandez and Morgan used their size and strength against each other. Also, it was Beckley’s first chance to see Chavo live. Chavo & Hernandez signed autographs during intermission.

(2) KO champion Tara beat Velvet Sky to retain the Knockouts Title. Tara pinned Sky with her hands holding the ropes. Good action from start to finish. After the match, Sky left Tara laying in ring after a powerbomb.

Kurt Angle came out with his two kids to address the fans about the IOC banning wrestling. He plugged for more info. Devon and Wes Brisco then attacked Angle before Bully Ray made the save. Kurt and Bubba issued a challenge, which Devon and Wes accepted.

(3) Kurt Angle & Bully Ray beat TV champion Devon & Wes Brisco. Devon and Bubba sold really wanting to take each others’s heads off. Kurt pinned Brisco with the Angle Slam for the win.

(4) Bobby Roode pinned “Cowboy” James Storm after an action-filled match. Austin Aries hit Storm to help Roode get the win.

(5) TNA World Hvt. champion Jeff Hardy beat Austin Aries in a cage match to retain the TNA World Title. The match see-sawed back and forth. Both guys are really quick and nearly scaled over the cage. Leading to the finish, Bobby Roode came to ringside after Ariescollided with referee Brian Hebner. The interference back-fired, though, as Hardy pinned Aries after his leap from the top rope.[/tooltip]Overall, the crowd was really into the show. The attendance was down from last year’s show due to weather issues, but I would estimate 2,500. The show closed with hundreds of fans lining up to have their picture with champ Jeff Hardy and the cage as a back-drop.

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7 Responses to “TNA House Show Results 02.16.13 – Beckley, WV”

  1. lee4tammy says:

    2500 and it was only down last year due to westher

    awesome tna should film here it looks like a strong market

  2. Rated_Maxx says:

    They should bring Impact live here since they did so good

    • mrbirdy1 says:

      TNA seems 2 be on a roll & I like it..

      They are definitely doing their best 2 change 4 the better..

      All that’s needed now is another t.v. show..

      They have way too much talent 4 just 1 show..

      • Rated_Maxx says:

        I think they been wanting more shows but its the network decision. People say they should leave Spike but that would be a bad move. Most networks dont want wrestling on their channels.

  3. hangers says:

    Sounds identical to the HS in Huntington, really they have to mix things up, even if its a house show..

  4. tna24 says:

    why cant Earl Hebner be like this on impact, he sounds badass in house shows

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