Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 23, 2014
TNA House Show Results 02.21.14: Huntington, WV

TNA House Show Results 02.21.14: Huntington, WV

Credit: Thomas Nuffer

1. Eric Young defeated Zema Ion

2. Velvet Sky defeated Gail Kim

3. Gunner defeated James Storm

4. The Wolves defeated The BroMans via disqualification

5. Mr. Anderson defeated Bobby Roode

6. Magnus defeated Samoa Joe inside a steel cage to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Note: There were about 1,500 fans in attendance and the show was very disorganized, according to multiple fans in attendance.

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4 Responses to “TNA House Show Results 02.21.14: Huntington, WV”

  1. Jon2theMax says:

    How was it disorganized? Examples of how unorganized it was would have been better news than a list of matches.

  2. steven kelly says:

    It wasnt its just a way to bash tna because they cant bash them over the attendance

  3. Norfolk Raz says:

    The fact that TNA got a half decent house show attendance doesn’t merit a positive spin. Instead let’s focus on a rumour that the show was disorganised. What a pile of wank this site can be sometimes.

  4. JoeWrestling says:

    A wrestling show disorganized? Well I never.. Since when are any wrestling shows organized, it's usually just, lets make a line of some sort and wait. Nothing new. Disorganized usually means you get more, because they are delivering a lot so it's harder to plan for. Usually organized means, we give you nothing, sit down here. Simple and organized but deliver nothing extra.

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