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TNA House Show Results 03.22.13: Concord, North Carolina

TNA House Show Results 03.22.13: Concord, North Carolina

Credit: Jim H. and PWTorch, Travis Beaven

TNA did the usual pre-show autograph session, only this time all the wrestlers were part of it. In the past, only the undercard wrestlers took part in it, and you had to purchase some other deal for the chance to meet the main-eventers. Aces & Eights had a separate table off to the side where you could get autographs from Bully Ray, Devon, Wes Brisco, and D-Lo Brown.

The attendance was disappointing. I would put it in the 500-1,000 range, probably closer to the lower-end of that estimate. My friend said there were a lot more people the last time TNA was there. I think part of the problem was that the event was up against March Madness here on Tobacco Road, with the added bad luck of having the UNC game scheduled for the exact same time. (Since I’m a Wake Forest fan and we don’t even sniff the postseason these days, I had no conflict. By the way, Wake really needs to fire its coach.)

Christy Hemme handled the announcing duties.

(1) Kenny King defeated Zema Ion in a non-title match. King played the babyface role in this one. After some early antics involving Ion’s hairspray, this turned into a decent-enough match with back and forth action. While perched on the top rope, Ion went for a Tornado DDT, but King blocked it. King then hit an enziguri, and then the Royal Flush for the pin.

(2) Knockouts champion Velvet Sky defeated Gail Kim to retain the Knockouts Title. Gail insisted that Velvet make her ring entrance again and then tried to attack her while she was letting the proverbial pigeons loose. However, Velvet turned the tables and spanked Gail. Velvet controlled the beginning and end, with Gail getting the majority of the offense in the middle. Gail initially blocked Velvet’s finisher, but a few minutes later Velvet won with In Yo Face.

(3) Wes Brisco defeated Christian York. Lots of stalling tactics from Brisco. York missed the Mood Swing. Brisco grabbed the ref and low-blowed York with the ref’s view obstructed. Brisco won with what I presume is his finisher, which looked like it was going to be some sort of neckbreaker, but ended up being more like a facebuster.

(4) TNA tag champions Austin Aries & Bobby Roode beat Samoa Joe & Magnus to retain the Tag Titles. The challengers came out first. Then, Roode and Aries came out. They interrupted their entrance to argue vociferously with a fan at ringside. Aries grabbed the mic and mocked the fan, who seemed to believe that Sting was sitting in the rafters. Aries then demanded that the music resume and they finished their entrance. After some comedy from Roode and Aries over who should start the match, Aries seemed to challenge Joe to some sort of pose-off. Aries took off his shirt and posed, but Magnus tagged in while his back was turned. Aries wanted no part of Magnus, so he tagged in Roode and then decided he was going to wrestle with his shirt on. At one point, Aries and Roode decided to leave, but Magnus and Joe chased them up the ramp and brought them back in. The action broke down and Joe and Aries fought on the outside. Roode rolled up Magnus and got the pin with his feet on the ropes.


(5) Joseph Park defeated Robbie E. Robbie ot the mic and claimed that we all come to see him be a bro. He then danced to his music. He challenged Park to show he was a bro. Park started dancing the Harlem Shake, but Robbie attacked him. Since this is TNA, the bell rang on the unfair advantage. Park’s size proved too much for Robbie for most of the match. Robbie tried a sunset flip but couldn’t get Park down. Park tried to sit on Robbie, but Robbie moved out of the way. Robbie couldn’t capitalize, though, and Park won with the Closing Argument.

Main Event time. Bully Ray & Devon came from the other side of the arena than the entrance ramp. They cut standard heel promos and then bullied Christy Hemme. Angle came out and then Hardy to the pop of the night.

(6) TNA World Hvt. champion Bully Ray & TNA TV champion Devon beat Jeff Hardy & Kurt Angle. After some initial back and forth, the heels isolated and worked over Angle. Hardy, who seems to be on a quest to take the title of World’s Dumbest Babyface away from James Storm, repeatedly allowed himself to be baited into the ring with some sophomoric insults, allowing the heels to double-team Angle while the ref was dealing with Hardy (for instance, Devon did the DX crotch chop and told Hardy to “Suck It,” drawing Hardy into the ring and allowing him and Devon to crotch Angle on the ringpost while the ref was distracted with Hardy). Angle finally got the hot tag to Hardy, who came in with a flurry of offense. He hit Whisper in the Wind on Devon. The action broke down. Bully and Angle fought on the outside. There was a ref bump. Hardy hit the Twist of Fate on Devon and covered him, but the ref was still out. D-Lo and Brisco ran down to the ring. D-Lo pulled out a chain and nailed Hardy with it. He put Devon on top of Hardy and jumped out of the ring and hid. The ref came to and counted to three.

After the match, Aces & Eights got on the mic and cut a promo about their dominance while continuing to beat down Hardy and Angle. Then Magnus, Park, York, and Ion rushed the ring and cleared out Aces & Eights. Bully got on the mic and said Aces and Eights was going to rush the ring and continue the fight on the count of three, but after counting to two said “Screw It!” and Aces and Eights turned around and left.

The faces then left, helping someone to the back who didn’t look like a wrestler, but a member of the ring crew. Hardy stayed in the ring, got an ice pack for his back, and took pictures with the fans for $20.

Overall, a fun if not particularly memorable show. Biggest pop was Hardy (followed by Angle and Joe and Magnus). Biggest heat was Bully & Devon (followed by Roode & Aries).

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  1. DJBIGCG says:

    Dang only 500 people

  2. Treck says:

    Tna is so damn underrated

  3. Nova_numb says:

    This really seems like the touring manager needs to go. Have you ever noticed that when something is going on, TNA always seems to be sitting right there where they are going to have to battle for attendance. For as bad as I dislike the WWE product right now. They seem to have a much better touring manager who knows how to plan out their tours so they aren't always battling for people with something else.

  4. tna24 says:

    yea smart idea tna. book a show the same time a major event happening in the same area. someone need to be blame for this

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