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TNA House Show Results 09.07 – Newark, Delaware

TNA House Show Results 09.07 – Newark, Delaware

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Very thin crowd for TNA for their first ever show in Newark. WWE runs “The Bob” Center every blue moon and typically has good attendance, but this was sad. I did not have to worry about how I was getting out of the parking lot! The show started on time.

1. Manik beat Sonjay Dutt and Zema Ion to retain the X Division Title.

2. ODB beat Gail Kim. Gail was great, but ODB went over.

3. AJ Styles over Bobby Roode.

4. Magnus beat Mr. Anderson.

5. James Storm and Gunner defeated Christopher Daniels and Kazarian to retain the TNA Tag Titles.

6. Bully Ray defeated Samoa Joe to retain the TNA Title. Ray used a chain after a ref bump.

There was a 20 minute intermission, with the $65 meet and greet backstage. The Hebners were selling and signing T-shirts for $10. Earl did a great gimmick about the screw job to sell his shirts – compete with Hitman shades.

I watched Al Snow scout from the stands almost the whole night. He almost got more attention that the tag tittle match at one point! I got a pic with him at the end of the night, along with Jeremy Borash at ringside and Earl Hebner in the lobby for free….while they were charging $20 for a pic next to the ring with Samoa Joe. I think we got a better deal. A fun time, despite the sparse crowd.

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  1. Luchador says:

    They don't get a big crowd in Impact because the lack of promotion so I don't understand why they do does house shows.

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