Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Nov 3, 2012
TNA House Show Results 11.02.12 – Hidalgo, TX

TNA House Show Results 11.02.12 – Hidalgo, TX

Report By: Josh Isenberg

1. AJ Styles defeats Christopher Daniels
Daniels started off the night making fun of the crowd, before Styles came out and the match got underway. The match was very well contested, with great back and forth action. Styles picked up the win after the Styles Clash.

2. Tara defeats ODB
ODB and Tara worked about a 7 minute match, with Tara winning with her finisher.

3. Bully Ray defeats Mr. Anderson
Mr. Anderson got a great pop, but started to taunt the crowd. Bully Ray came out, and then he picked up the win in under 5 minutes. The crowd was not really into this match as much.

4. Chavo & Hernandez defeats Aces & 8’s (Tag Team Championship match)
Chavo came out and talked about his history in Hidalgo, which included a chant for Eddie Guerrero. He issues an open challenge, which is accepted by Luke Gallows and a masked man from Aces and Eights. The match goes back and forth, until Hernandez tries to jump to the outside to take out Gallows. He misses, and that is basically the end of the match. Medics had to come out to help him, and Chavo tried to rip off the mask of another member.

5. James Storm defeats Bobby Roode
Roode and storm put on the match of the night, with excellent back and forth slugs to each other. The crowd was really into this match. Storm picked up the victory onto Roode after about a 15-20 minute match that was all about physicality.

6. Jeff Hardy defeats Austin Aries to retain the World Championship
The match was going very well, but Aries would slide out of the ring constantly to try and slow down Hardy. This happened about four times throughout the match, and the crowd hated it. Hardy would eventually get the better of Aries with two Twist of Fates for the victory.

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6 Responses to “TNA House Show Results 11.02.12 – Hidalgo, TX”

  1. mfg420 says:

    They tore the roof off better than any RAW/SD sho I ever seen n this wus just a house sho!

  2. mfg420 says:

    U forgot to mention how we wus chanting your a pussy to roode!

  3. mfg420 says:

    Ps.. we did not hate anything about the sho all the TNA stars put on a kik ass sho it wuz a fun night we were hardcore fans! Thats just your opinion

  4. mfg420 says:

    One more chavo did take off the mask lucke help cover the dudes face … Dam!! What sho were u watching !! I should write this list for you i saw it all

  5. hangers says:

    Sounds like a better show in terms of wrestling than last impact..

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