Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Nov 18, 2012
TNA House Show Results 11.17.12: Spartanburg, SC

TNA House Show Results 11.17.12: Spartanburg, SC

Thanks to reader Charles in SC:

- I went to the TNA show in Spartanburg, SC. It looked pretty full. The floor and the bleachers were packed, with only one of the balconies wide open. Christy Hemme’s ass looked amazing in the black pants she was wearing.

* RVD beat Zema Ion with the 5 star frog splash
* Brooke Tessmacher beat Madison Rayne via quick rollup
* Matt Morgan beat AJ styles after the big boot to the face
* James Storm beat Robert Roode
* Devon beat Mr. Anderson
* Main event: Jeff Hardy beat Austin Aries

Afterward, take a pic in the ring with Jeff for 20 dollars. I passed.

No, I did not boo the faces and cheer the heels.

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