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TNA House Show Results 11.30.12: Bemidji, Minnesota

TNA House Show Results 11.30.12: Bemidji, Minnesota

Credit: Ben Russell

There was maybe 250-300 people there but Bemidji is about 4 hrs from the cities so I really didn’t expect for it to draw that big. Night started with SoCal Val coming out. First match of the night was an X-Division Title match.

X-Division Title Match: RVD (c) vs Zema Ion: Zema had a can of hair spray, reverting back to it throughout the match for cheap heat. A lot of crowd taunting throughout the match, which set most of the place. Slightly disappointing match in itself. RVD wins with 5 star frog splash. RVD was very over with the people there as expected.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Tara (c) vs ODB: ODB was very over with the hometown crowd. They put on a decent match. Tara retains with the widow’s peak. Funny note: As Tara went to celebrate the victory going up the turnbuckles she slip and fell. Not sure if it was planned but she played it like it wasn’t.

James Storm vs Devon: Good back and forth match put on between these guys. Storm was over great with the crowd. Not surprised being in hickville of Minnesota. Devon ends up winning after interference from Aces & Eights members. They came out the bleachers by me and was able to get Devon to have words with me.

Bully Ray vs Doc of Aces & Eights: Bully Ray was very much in face mode tonight. Decent match between the two big men. Very physical. Ends in DQ as Devon and a Masked member came out for the 3 on 1 attack. Devon had Doc grab a table and as he was about to put Bully thru, Storms music hits and he comes to the ring. Doc ends up going through the table. Afterwards, they gave away a table to this kid and had everyone chant his name as they signed it for him. Nice gesture by the people of TNA.

At intermission, you get get Earl and Brain to sign Earl’s “You damn right I did” referee shirts for only 10 dollars.

A. J. Styles vs Christopher Daniels: Very typical match between these two. Very lack of intensity in this match. Felt like they were just going through a slow flow of normal bs and you could tell. Daniels received quite a bit of heat from the crowd.

MAIN EVENT: TNA World Title Match: Jeff Hardy (c) vs Austin Aries: Again wasn’t much of a match. Lasted maybe 10 minutes. Very basic match between the guys. Hardy was obviously very over with the crowd. Hardy wins with the twist of fate.

This was my very first TNA show and I drove like 3 1/2 to get there. Overall it was a pretty good show, just seemed to really lack intensity in most of the matches. Most felt like they were just going thro motions and I was slightly disappointed with the show, but hey, with FREE tickets, who’s to complain.

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13 Responses to “TNA House Show Results 11.30.12: Bemidji, Minnesota”

  1. hangers says:

    300 people, man, tough crowd..

  2. DJBIGCG says:

    tna pulls 250 to 300 people at this show, but tna is trying to sell out a 60,000 seat arena. That arena may be to big for them

    • dcxboxx says:

      maybe its just a section of the arena. no way tna could do that for lockdown. maybe 1000-3000 maybe but thats even a tough call for them. 60k if only hbk wasnt still with wwe and would wrestle sting at the ppv.

      • Pipboy86 says:

        They will probably set it up like they do for basketball which is half closed off by a giant black curtain and only floor and first level seats. It looks funky even with 18,000 in it. If TNA draws it's usual 3-4,000 or even a really good crowd that is double that, it will look really funny.

    • Bigmike885 says:

      i agree with you 100 percent. While i have no problem with TNA going to SA, doing the alamo dome is a mistake..Even if it doesnt show on TV, the crowd will see how empty the arena is. Also, part of running a huge stadium like that is the fun little "around the world shot" showing how full it is. TNA sure wont be doing that. I rememeber when TNA ran the Superdome in New Orleans and only put 15k in there, it looked really bad, and TNA would kill for 15 thousand people to show up.

      • dcxboxx says:

        tna never ran the superdome in new orleans. they did the new orleans lake front arena and only had maybe 400 or so (i was at the house show) . the uno lake front arena holds 6000 people. ecw sold that bbuilding out for november to remember 98 . wcw did a nitro in the superdome where hogan wrestled the giant sold out over 40,000 seats (the arena was tapered off because of the sugar bowl that weekend coming up. so wcw only had access to a section of the dome, yet still sold over 40000. later years they ran the new orleans arena and final year they ran the uno lake front arena which they couldnt even sell out, maybe 4000 or so.. new orleans superdome is a rumored spot for wrestlemania 30 could possibly topp mania 3 crowed. the arena can hold like 69000 or so for football games. the rolling stones had the largest attendance ever for an indoor arena event at over 100,000 inside the super dome in the 90s.

        • Bigmike885 says:

          you are compeltly correct…I totally ment to put WCW not TNA..tward the end WCW ran the superdome, and put 15k..that was a total mistake on my fault..

          • dcxboxx says:

            that was prob the last dome show i dont remeber if they did the dome or arena when master P angle was going on. i just remember all the new orleans fans hating him.

  3. Pipboy86 says:

    "just seemed to really lack intensity in most of the matches. Most felt like they were just going through motions"

    That is pretty much the standard house show format. This was one of the areas where TNA used to stand out as something different, but not any more. From about 2006-2009 TNA seemed to take pride in delivering unique and quality shows whenever they went out. Of course they do more shows now, so they couldn't have the type of balls to the wall physical matches all the time like they used to and still be walking, but even the atmosphere and sense of urgency is different now. It used to be you got the feeling that when TNA showed up, they understood they needed to put their best foot forward. I remember the ones I have attended and there were very few instances of just going through the motions or feeling like I was somewhat disappointed. You also never heard reports like that either.
    Today, there is no difference in a TNA house show than WWE or WCW. Just smaller crowds.

  4. tnadude says:

    This in from Cpt. Obvious:

    200 – 300 people, not all of which paid. Let's say 250 paid $10 each. That's $2500 gate. Seriously, my wife can pull that in at a craft show. But, I digress.

    What's that? Sounds like RVD's appearance fee to me. Even if I'm wrong, they still had to pay Hardy, Styles, Storm, Bully, Devon, et al. And I m sure Hardy is more expensive than RVD.

    So even if everyone really paid $20 and bought a "You're dammed right I did T-shirt", they are massively in the hole, heck – they didn't even make talent payroll.

    Now, consider marketing expenses, travel, administrative fees, rent, and staff to operate the event and it makes you wonder why on earth they ever even considered going to a place in the middle of nowhere.

    • tigerpie says:

      from the reports I have read on here they only ever get between 250 and 1000 people at a house show.
      I would assume that the idea behind TNA doing house shows isnt to make money but to spread the word.
      The write off there losses anyway for tax reasons and hope that they generate money elsewhere in the business to absorb the house show losses.

      • tnadude says:

        I was one of the people saying they were using it as marketing. But it's one thing to market to a larger market. It's a totally different thing to market to a small audience 4 hours from a major city. It's just bad business. Really bad business.

        If they did it for a major metropolitan area that could garner TV ratings, that would be a different thing, and that was my point in the past.

  5. Warrior_86 says:

    Who won between AJ and Daniels?

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