Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 4, 2014
TNA House Show Results 5.3.14 – Racine, WI

TNA House Show Results 5.3.14 – Racine, WI

Credit: Dylan Wamboldt & PWInsider

Austin Aries vs. Sanada for X division title: Aries gets him down with the elbow and his finisher match had a 15 min time limit. Aries close to 3 but the match was ended. Winner Sanada.

ODB def. Gail Kim with Gail’s husband at ringside.

Kenny King def. Manik.

The Wolves vs. The Bromans, with Rockstar Spud. Winner The Wolves. After the match they said Earl Hebner had his 100,000 match. He put on DJ Z glasses and head phones and danced.

Mr. Anderson vs. Bobby Roode. Best 2 out of 3 falls. Roode attacked Anderson before the bell and wins the first pinfall. After 10 sec break Anderson was down on the mat and pins rhode. In fall three Anderson and Roodw had an actual match, which had Anderson winning.

In the main event, Kurt Angle and MVP beat Magnus and EC3.

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  1. Get_Carter says:

    They've been using that Earl Hebner had his 100,000 match schtick for years now. Ugh.

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