Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 19, 2014
TNA House Show Results 7.18.14: Louisville, KY

TNA House Show Results 7.18.14: Louisville, KY

Credit: Brian Paige and PWInsider

Here are the results of tonight’s TNA show in Louisville at Slugger Field. I dunno if they even had 1,000 people there, but it was strangely cold and rainy today so that might have kept people away.

1) The Wolves beat Zema Ion/Jessie and Anderson/Gunner in a 3 way to retain. Fun match actually with some wacky comedy spots to involve the crowd (stuff like Jessie blindly snapping the arms of Anderson and Gunner, only to later do this to his own partner DJZ). Before the match Gunner had everyone stand to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, which I have to admit was a first for me at a wrestling show.

2) Gail Kim over Velvet Sky to retain Knockouts title. Not much to this one, though Velvet let loose some salty language during the match which was amusing.

3) Sanada over Samoa Joe. James Storm was managing Sanada which made zero sense given the abuse he’s given the guy on TV. Really bizarre match result. Sanada won with Storm aiding him in a rollup.

4) Abyss over Magnus. Both guys tried to use a chair, Magnus eventually succeeded behind the ref’s back, but Abyss managed to kick out. Eventually got the Black Hole Slam for the pin.

Intermission, which lasted seemingly half an hour. At this point they allowed everyone to move closer to the home plate area.

5) Bobby Lashley over Eric Young to retain the TNA world title. Curious that the champ didn’t main event. Ton of stalling to start here, but it eventually picked up. Lashley won with the spear.

6) Bully Ray over Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud in a tables match. This was originally just a singles match but Spud got a “text from Dixie” midway through to make it a tables match, which I immediately thought was a dumb idea on her part since now Spud was legal to throw through a table! Bully did just that about 1 minute later for the win. Spud did a ton of silly mic work before the match, EC3 toyed with giving an autographed baseball to the crowd, but didn’t, and Bully eventually gave an autographed piece of the broken table to a kid after the match.

All in all a fun show. These guys were more or less having some fun out there tonight. Lots of comedy and crowd interactions.

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