Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 24, 2014
TNA iMPACT! DVR Issues – Details Inside Here

TNA iMPACT! DVR Issues – Details Inside Here

Several TNA fans have

complained that their DVRs did not record this week’s episode. This is due to the last minute change and the fact that the move wasn’t promoted well. Many TV providers didn’t update their program listings. You can watch the full episode for free here.

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4 Responses to “TNA iMPACT! DVR Issues – Details Inside Here”

  1. amber_b600 says:

    Well so what? Easy you dont need to watch right then and record it half probably dont even watch the show but one time. Download it the next day and burn it on dvd if you want it so bad. Who cares people complain they cant dvr it. I have every episode ppv and one night only show so far and i keep the shows to watchlater. Is complaining people cant dvr news or just a straw grabber for pathetic news to be seen?

  2. 02Roadking says:

    It's easy to find it streaming online…ooops, did I just admit to a horrible crime?

  3. Dick C. Carter says:

    I forgot to reset my DVR for Wednesday. To my surprise, it still recorded Impact.

  4. gar2233 says:

    Comcast did update their tv listings to wed for tna impact it got switched in time

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