Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 26, 2014
TNA iMPACT Moving To VELOCITY A ‘Worse Case Scenario’

TNA iMPACT Moving To VELOCITY A ‘Worse Case Scenario’

As we previously reported, TNA Wrestling was offered a deal by The Discovery Channel’s VELOCITY Network, which is in 48 million homes and in HD only.

The deal with VELOCITY is being called a “worst case scenario”. If iMPACT! Wrestling moved to the network, TNA would have to make a lot of internal changes and would almost be a completely different organization. They would have to cut back considerably on production costs and the current roster would likely be gone, as it would be impossible for TNA to keep any top talent they have now.

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12 Responses to “TNA iMPACT Moving To VELOCITY A ‘Worse Case Scenario’”

  1. tna24 says:

    tna better find a different network then. because cutting the whole roster would be a bad thing and fans of tna wouldnt be happy.

  2. stockshark2 says:

    How about some numbers to show what you mean? Or are you just speculating? I was wondering where your facts come from?

  3. stockshark2 says:

    Insider sources state that your full of crap!

  4. Sturk says:

    This is rumor section talk lol. Why do you guys have no rumor section?? Other sites have this in their rumor section yet you pluck this post and report as true.

  5. Whatever says:

    You tna fan boys really hate the truth. And the truth is tna has 4 months left before mommy and daddy pull the plug and shut the doors for good on tna. But just think, when GFW finds a home on a network and starts airing episodes you’ll have something new and old to watch. New episodes of GFW and most the wrestlers from tna. So see it all works out

    • gotyerboyhangin says:

      No doubt. I hate when promoters get get their wrestling company from their daddy like Dixie carter……..and Jeff jerret…….and Vinny McMahon. Paul hayman too. He had to sell ECW because he was into his daddy for 4 million dollars. And I wouldn’t really call me a “fanboy”. Though I do watch TNA, I’m the kind man that’ll cut off yer nutz and choke you with’em.

      • Whatever says:

        I never said anything about someone getting a company from their parents. I said her mommy and daddy are going to cut off the money she gets. No more allowance. Shows how good you fan boys read also. Oh and by the way I don’t judge people so if you like playing with guys nuts be my guest. You do whatever makes you happy bro. Hopefully you live in a state that is ok with the gay marriage thing.

    • VikingBlood says:

      You are such a gullable tool. GFW has not even said what their roster is. And for TNA you are gullable to believe dirtsheet reporting. But lets say TNA does not find another network and is not on American tv right away. Well they have locked tv contracts in many countries. So iwc fanboy do not take your pants down just yet. Tna will fimd a network I know it and Spike is stupid if they do not extend the contract with TNA I mean by far it is their highest rated show. Btw Jeff Jarrett almost lost TNA and had to sell to Dixie and company for it to stay alive.

      • seabee44 says:

        every body seems to for get those real facts after 2 years jarrett had tna ready to close. once tna got rid of hogan and jarrett it has been wrestling and promoting their young stars.TNA TNA

  6. pj says:

    All of you waiting on GFW to come in and blow the fans doors off are in for a rude awakening. From what I’ve read it’s not going to be a wrestling show in the ways were are accustomed to. It’s gonna be more “reality based,” and focus more on the behind the scenes stuff rather than the in ring product. That’s what I’ve read anyways. Unless that’s something you’re looking forward to, I think most of us will be disappointed when, and IF Global Force ever gets off the ground. Not to mention, who do you think the roster will consist of? Lots of current and former TNA guys. It is Double J after all

    • BigAl says:

      Yeah the show will be more angles and build up for matches held in international feds. Just a bunch of TV exposure for wrestlers in orher feds and the other feds themselves. EPW From perth in australia is a fantastic fed with no US tv outlet they and others will basicly use the GFW deal to promote themselves on US TV.

    • seabee44 says:

      yup, as crazy vince russo says you can sign as many wrestling partners as you want but with out a tv deal it not worth talking TNA TNA

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