Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 11, 2013
TNA iMPACT! On The Road Tickets Selling Well?

TNA iMPACT! On The Road Tickets Selling Well?

Tickets for the March 14th TNA iMPACT! event look to be selling well. At this time, there are no seats available in the $73, $43 and $23 price range. Tickets still remain for $125 VIP Suite seating, which includes pre-show appearances by TNA talents, as well as the $13 tickets.

If tickets continue to sell well, more seating could be opened up once the production layout is finalized.

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17 Responses to “TNA iMPACT! On The Road Tickets Selling Well?”

  1. andy3323 says:

    Good to hear, I just hope they come down to Augusta, GA or even Columbia, SC……I'd drive the 45 minutes to an hour to be able to be there.

  2. Mr. Excitement says:

    Love it! Hopefully all future Impact's sell just as well.

  3. purpleurkel says:

    Very Nice! ( Now give Daniels the belt )

  4. Cyne45 says:

    Man I have been supporting this company since 2005 and to look at where they are now is one hell of an achivement. Glad to hear the tickets are selling well and let's hope this continues will all the other tapings. TNA! TNA! TNA!

  5. Dudeguyman131 says:

    I just got 2 tickets for the VIP session!!! I'm so looking forward to go, and it's been 3 years since they came up Northern, IL – all the way back since when they came to Rockford. Shoot, Orlando Jordan was still wrestling there! I am going to have the 2nd event of my life! If you're in the Chicago area I'll SEE YOU THERE!!!

    • Cyne45 says:

      Glad you got the VIP session because those are the only tickets no where near a sell out.

      • Dudeguyman131 says:

        Thank you man!!! I'm just humble right now…See when I called the ticket master they told me they only had less then 10… And that's after I had told the lady to look them up again cause I couldn't access them on the site. It kept telling me they didn't exist or weren't available.

        Taxes came back right on time!

  6. dcxboxx says:

    but its only the first show of course that will do ok. but still they have lots of tickets to go and will be giving away many free gen admission tickets as well as a few vip and some from each section via radio and tv. future ipacst prob wont do as well, mostly will be comps . they are in chicago which is a a historic wrestling town. and of course being the first road impact it will be a loaded show most likley.

    with any luck in another year or 2 tna can stand on its own with touring, but lets wait and see.

    • Cyne45 says:

      You're right about the future impacts but you never know. Aren't most of their road shows in the south basically TNA territory?

  7. tonygstl says:

    Hope they Get there sound system working right before there live shows,the sound kinda sucked on last live show

  8. (CHI) nwo 4-life brother says:

    I tried getting my tickets the the show in hoffman estates not chicago my add earlier today n they waz sold out, im REAL upset, waz hoping to get sum front row seats and smell hogans sweat… thiz iz sum b.s -_- smh i hope more tickets beckome available in the 45 or 75 dollar range preferably but i doubt it… wonder how nose bleed the 15 dollar seats are, does any1 know???

    • Dudeguyman131 says:

      There's a good chance they won't sell all the way out… if they don't most likely they will let you move up closer to the better seats for free (for their tapings they like more people up close for the camera shots). If they are getting low on tickets then it's just best to wanna be there for the experience and take lots of pictures. It's still pretty fun either way.

  9. jtjr41 says:

    How about TNA coming to Providence, Rhode Island?

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