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TNA iMPACT! Quarter Hour Ratings From May 16th

TNA iMPACT! Quarter Hour Ratings From May 16th

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Here are the quarter hour ratings form last week’s edition of TNA iMPACT! Wrestling. The show scored a 0.84 rating off a first-hour 0.80 rating and second hour 0.87 rating…

First Hour Break Down
Q1: Impact opened with a weak 0.82 rating for Hulk Hogan starting the show and Aces & Eights interrupting. There was also one commercial.

Q2: Impact dipped to a show-low 0.75 rating for Chavo Guerrero vs. Bobby Roode in an unhyped singles match. There was also one commercial.

Q3: Impact returned to a 0.82 rating for Kurt Angle calling out A.J. Styles, but Mr. Anderson interrupted to confront Angle. This was followed by one commercial and Jay Bradley vs. Christian York in a Gut Check-themed match.

Q4: Impact dipped slightly to a 0.80 rating for various backstage segments and two full commercial breaks.

Second Hour Break Down
Q5: Impact barely got a top-of-the-second hour bump, registering a 0.88 rating. This is the lowest Q5 rating in over one year, dating back to April 2012. The segment featured Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim in a Knockouts match, one commercial, and videos.

Q6: Impact dipped slightly to a 0.85 rating for the X Division Title three-way match, one commercial, and Aces & Eights backstage.

Q7: Impact stayed at a 0.85 rating for an unhyped Daniels vs. Hernandez singles match, one commercial, and the majority of D-Lo Brown vs. Joseph Park in the “main event.”

Q8: Impact increased slightly to a show-high 0.91 rating for the end of Brown-Park, one commercial, and the Sting-Bully Ray contract signing, which was given the final nine minutes of the show. This was the lowest-rated Q8 of the year.

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10 Responses to “TNA iMPACT! Quarter Hour Ratings From May 16th”

  1. soyfenomenal says:

    Pathetic. I have nothing good to say about WWE, but this is just sad.

  2. Mr. Excitement says:

    Just face it. Not many care about professional wrestling anymore.

  3. Pippin0490 says:

    It's sad because Impact, and TNA as a whole, is at the best it has ever been. Having even won Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Best Weekly Television Show award for 2012. The only thing that has declined in quality is the matches featured on Impact on average.

    It's worrying because every "reason" for poor ratings (being in the Impact Zone, not being Live, being at 8pm -10pm rather than 9pm-11pm) has been changed or is about to be changed. All that is left is Spike and I'm not convinced leaving Spike will help the ratings. Also Spike is loyal to TNA and is unlikely to drop Impact for recent low ratings, would another network be so patient? And where else is there to go these days?

    I guess it comes down to the decline in interest in Professional Wrestling and maybe (I can not stress this enough – MAYBE) Impact's ratings has declined because it is no longer "something different" rather it is now "something else" if you get what I mean. It's hard to believe that the often poor and sometimes terrible shows (Recognised as the Worst Television Show by Wrestling Observer Newsletter from 2007-2011) put on in previous years got such higher ratings. It defies belief!

    I hope TNA stick with it and ignore the ratings because they are doing the right thing, the ratings just don't show this, hopefully this will change and the ratings will be what the show deserves.

    • jbcissom says:

      You need to realize that it is as Mr. Excitement has stated, the "rasslin'" crowd is no more. The only reason why WWE is what it is is because it capitalized magnificently on it's opportunity over a decade ago.

      Wrestling as a whole has a niche' following, period. Look at ROH. Some would say it's actually worse than when Sinclair took over.

      Thing is, I think Spike realizes they have a good, solid show for this airing spot. I mean honestly, there aren't that many things that will air in that timeslot, on Spike, and get better ratings.

      TNA just needs to grow as much as it can, minimize risks, and be as profitable as possible.

      • Jon says:

        I didn't even realize there was a question about whether ROH had gone downhill, starting prior to the Sinclair acquisition & without any meaningful recovery afterwards.

      • Pippin0490 says:

        Errrm…that's exactly what I said! Perhaps you need to realise that it is important to read what people actually say before you reply to them. 😉 I recall that this has come up with you before when you called me stupid. I'm not one for insulting people, but surely you must realise how stupid it is to reply to somebody telling them something they "need" to do, when they've already said exactly that themselves?

        Here, I'll quote it for you from my initial comment: "I guess it comes down to the decline in interest in Professional Wrestling". So what is it I "need to realise" again? Something I've already realised…okay then.

        As the other reply to your comment says; ROH was never brought into question. I don't get what you're saying. I also said that Spike won't drop Impact, so I don't get what that you're getting at there either as I haven't (and never have had) anything negative to say about Spike. I actually said that I disagree with TNA leaving Spike. Is this another case of you not actually reading what I said?

        And yes, your final statement is correct…for every single company and organisation ever. You should be a pomotional speaker! Companies need to know this secret to being sucessful! I'm pretty sure TNA, and every single other company/organisation, knows this and is trying to do this as it is the only way to sucessfully run a business. 🙂 I'm just having a laugh with you in this last bit as your final comment was so obvious and you presented it like it's something they've not thought of, like: "Psst, you know how to be successful? Make a profit, grow and don't take too many risks,but keep it under your hat." Sorry, but this really did amuse me.

  4. hangers says:

    Does Jeff Hardy still work for TNA??

    • xenocea says:

      Yes, he's taking a break currently.

      • hangers says:

        Perhaps creative should take a look at the ratings and have a double think about keeping their biggest name on the sidelines whilst peddling the A&8's with HH horsesh!t…

  5. koysortna1 says:

    Fucks Sake TNA ratings are sooo bad!

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