Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 3, 2014
TNA In Germany Rumors + Earl Hebner’s Milestone?

TNA In Germany Rumors + Earl Hebner’s Milestone?

— TNA announced over the weekend at their live events that referee Earl Hebner has called over 100,000 matches in his career. No word on if that’s really true.

— After losing their TV deal through Sport1 in Germany, there are rumors that Tele5 will be picking up iMPACT! in the country.

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3 Responses to “TNA In Germany Rumors + Earl Hebner’s Milestone?”

  1. tnadude says:

    NEWSFLASH: TNA reports this at all of its house shows. This site has been reporting this since at least 2012 (Google doesn't lie).

  2. TheMiwyun says:

    earl hedbner busted 100 thousand nutz

  3. Get_Carter says:

    And he also screwed Bret… Jeez. They've been doing the same Hebner shtick at house shows for years.

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