Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Nov 15, 2012
TNA Knockout Claims She Was Robbed By The TSA

TNA Knockout Claims She Was Robbed By The TSA

Madison Rayne, who competed at this week’s iMPACT! Wrestling tapings in Orlando, Florida, noted on Twitter that she was robbed of her unmentionables by Atlanta International Airport’s TSA while en route home.

“Dear ATLANTA TSA- if you’re gonna raid my bag and be pervs, at least put sh!t back so I don’t KNOW you dug thru my unmentionables! #wow,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, Rayne is elated to be touring again with TNA following a two-month-plus hiatus. “It’s been awhile, but I’m STOKED to be headed back on the road with @IMPACTWRESTLING for the wknd! See y’all tonight in Johnson City TN,” she wrote.

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8 Responses to “TNA Knockout Claims She Was Robbed By The TSA”

  1. TFnatureboyfig4 says:

    It's the TSA. They can steal your unmentionables while you're wearing them if they want. Police states suck.

    • Pipboy86 says:

      I for one welcome our new insect overlords.

      All joking aside. They have already come to some bus terminals in Tampa, train stations in California. Wait till the friendly TSA start coming to: movie theaters, grocery stores, malls, museums, hotels, toll roads and random checkpoints in a location near you etc etc etc. I can't believe that more Americans haven't started looking for solutions outside of the two party monopoly. Have we become too stupid to realize this is NOT Freedom anymore? We are so lucky that we fought against Nazi Germany, and fought to prevent the spread of Communism, otherwise we would be living in a Totalitarian police state right now. Right? Right? I usually don't like to be political on an entertainment site, because GD it, we all need a break to just fricken enjoy life, but seriously, WAKE UP PEOPLE! WAKE THE F UP!!!

  2. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    The TSA are my heroes :
    the Toilet Safety Administration that is
    They do a damn good job

  3. purpleurkel says:

    TSA , IRS , The President

    What are 3 things that sh*t all over the constitution

  4. Stunner says:

    WOW someone must have been pretty low on undies at home to have to stoop so low as to steal some. WOW! Note to self from now on pack my undies in my carry on! SMH stealing undies what’s next, stealing a tupae’ lol!

  5. annil8or4321 says:

    i wonder if they new it was her things or it was just another day stealing people things out of their luggage, jesus this country is getting ridiculous

  6. Herr_Odditus says:

    She likes to hide weapons like Brass Knuckles in her unmentionables so maybe they found that and that's why they were confiscated?

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