Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Nov 19, 2012
TNA Knockout Gail Kim Appears On The Food Network

TNA Knockout Gail Kim Appears On The Food Network

“Get Carter” sent this one in:

Gail Kim and new husband Richard Irvine appeared on Food Network’s “All Star Family Cook off” this past Sunday. Gail and husband Robert were pitted against other chefs and family members to make various meals. Gail and Robert made it to the second round where Gail overcooked noodles for a Beef Stroganoff dish. They were voted off in the second round. Interesting to see the couple cook together.

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5 Responses to “TNA Knockout Gail Kim Appears On The Food Network”

  1. soyfenomenal says:

    Damn it, Gail, get your shit together.

  2. Get_Carter says:

    Gail appeared to know little about cooking. Apparently she hasn't picked up any kitchen skills from her celebrity chef husband yet. Was an interesting watch regardless.

  3. TheRowdy1 says:

    If I had a wife as hot as Gail Kim – I would have no problem taking care of the cooking!

  4. locktite says:

    The only way she is hot is if she stood to close to the stove.

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