Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 5, 2013
TNA Launching New Two-Part Show In The UK

TNA Launching New Two-Part Show In The UK

TNA Backstage Pass. The following press release was issued:

“TNA in the UK” month on ChallengeTV with new two-part show: TNA Backstage Pass

UK FANS: February is ‘TNA in the UK’ month on Challenge TV and sees the launch of a brand new two-part show – TNA Backstage Pass.

Taking you behind the scenes on The Road To Lockdown Tour, the program will be broadcast on Challenge at 11pm on Sunday February 10 and Sunday February 24.

Dominic Wilkins, Scheduling Manager for Challenge, said: “Challenge has been working extremely hard with TNA to find more ways to bring exclusive content to the amazing British fan base.

“Hot on the heels of the incredibly successful TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp, we are incredibly excited to broadcast Backstage Pass – the first time fans will get to see what goes on behind the scenes on the TNA UK Tour.

“This cements our growing commitment to TNA and British wrestling fans.”

February 6 11pm TNA Xplosion
February 10 9pm TNA IMPACT WRESTLING from Manchester (show 2)
February 10 11pm TNA Backstage Pass episode 1
February 13 11pm TNA Xplosion
February 17 9pm TNA IMPACT WRESTLING from London (show 1)
February 20 11pm TNA Xplosion
February 24 9pm TNA IMPACT WRESTLING from London (show 2)
February 24 11pm TNA Backstage Pass episode 2

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7 Responses to “TNA Launching New Two-Part Show In The UK”

  1. Dante_Cross says:

    Though the American fanbase is small on the scale of people who watch television, compared to the UK ratio, there are still over 2 million people here who would enjoy watching these TNA shows just as much as the UK fans, and are just as deserving of it.

    Yeah it's great that TNA is putting on good programming, but the fact that we in the US only get 2 hours of TNA, while a small place with only a few hundred thousand viewers for their shows such as the UK, get loads of TNA TV–it grows annoying.

    Put some shows on American tv. It won't get super ratings, but then again if you're just concerned about not as many people are watching as opposed to caring that people are watching it at all, well that's just..

    • toddmikki says:

      Hey Dante, TNA cant get a 2nd show right this second because of the contract they have with SPIKE, but according to Dixie thats suppose to change soon.

    • tnadude says:

      They've got to prove they can get advertiser dollars for them. It's just a two-part special. It's a perfect fit for the UK (which rarely gets a tour), and will likely command typical UK ratings. Here in the US, it would probably get 10% ratings. While that's about even with what they'd see in the UK, they'd wind up with little to no advertising revenue here in the States.

      We'll have to settle on watching it on YouTube.

  2. whatsup121 says:

    TNA has two shows it's called

    watch weekly and see TNA Stars like

    Doug Williams
    Taeler Henderix
    Jesse Goderez
    Rob Terry
    Alex Silva
    Sam Shaw

    that's up to 7 potential matches featuring TNA Roster members

    • Dante_Cross says:

      Yeah there is OVW, but I said TNA show. Developmental shows on local networks that I dont get do not count.

      • tnadude says:

        Exactly. And while ROH is a refreshing alternative, it doesn't really count as a national show IMO either.

        That reminds me – I've got to figure out what's going on with my Sinclair affiliate. My DVR has missed several weeks now…

      • whatsup121 says:

        Sorry tried to explain in the forum but it blocked me ovw can weekly episode's can be viewed online @ so they're a webesiode like reaction is going to beSent from my iPhone

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