Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jun 26, 2013
TNA Releases **SPOILER** iMPACT! Teaser Video

TNA Releases **SPOILER** iMPACT! Teaser Video

TNA released the following teaser video for tomorrow night’s iMPACT! broadcast. **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

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12 Responses to “TNA Releases **SPOILER** iMPACT! Teaser Video”

  1. jbcissom says:

    Let's see if they use the "live" concept with this now.

  2. JoshuaTNA says:

    Never have I seen a wrestling company Spoil a match on there own card before it even happens. Sigh.. Bad move TNA.

  3. Stunner says:

    Ok when did the Sabin Express get derailed? So who is this TJ guy and will he be a regular in the X-Division from now on? If so I need to YouTube this guy he did a great job, and where does that leave Sabin in his quest to become champion.

  4. mb113 says:

    Worked for the WWF when WCW spoiled McFoley's win.

  5. HolsG says:

    I won't say who 'Suicide' is but it's typical of that wrestler to unmask Suicide (TJ without his mask) so quickly compared to MCMG failing to do so for so long.

    Odd that they released the video so early though

  6. Kyle says:

    WWE spoiled one of Edge’s World Title wins acouple years ago, and it got them huge ratings for Smackdown.

  7. Dependant says:

    They seriously need to stop these teasers

  8. UCEAD11 says:

    since suicide has a nice little following, if they were smart, once the other suicide is revealed they should have a little stint of a war between the two of them. a dark suicide called Genicide since he deliberately breaks all rules and sucide playing the face. Or having them later down the road become a tag team.

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