Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 7, 2013
TNA Reveals One Night Only Themes + Taping Schedule

TNA Reveals One Night Only Themes + Taping Schedule

TNA has released the following taping schedule for this month’s One Night Only PPVs:

Sunday, March 17:
1:00pm – TNA Knockout Knockdown: TNA Crowns the true “Queen” of TNA
7:00pm – TNA 10 Reunion: Celebration of the stars from the first 10 years of TNA all competing in the squared circle

Monday, March 18:
1:00pm – TNA Tag Team Tournament: TNA determines the greatest TNA Tag Team in TNA history
7:00pm – TNA World Cup of Wrestling: Teams of wrestlers from around the globe compete in Heavyweight, X Division, Tag Team Division and Knockout Division matches

Tuesday, March 19:
1:00pm – TNA Hardcore Justice 2: Hardcore rules for the stars of Hardcore wrestling
7:00pm – TNA Heavyweight Title Tournament: The top World Champions in TNA history battle to determine the greatest of all time

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2 Responses to “TNA Reveals One Night Only Themes + Taping Schedule”

  1. Dante_Cross says:

    The Reunion, Tag Tournament, and TNA World Cup are things I'm looking forward to. The World Cup encompassing more than the X division is interesting as well. It wont have the true feel of the X Cup as so much went into it over a period of weeks, but I'm eager to see what they can put on in these one off shows.

  2. purpleurkel says:

    I will be attending Hardcore Justice 2… sounds too awesome to miss

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