Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 31, 2012
TNA Sending Hardy & Storm To Country Music Awards

TNA Sending Hardy & Storm To Country Music Awards

TNA has announced via press release that James Storm and Jeff Hardy will attend the 47th annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas this weekend. The two will join Blake Shelton during an NRA celebrity shoot competition, serve as celebrity judges for the Sin City BBQ contest and introduce performers to the ACM Experience stage. They will also be on the red carpet. The show airs live on on Sunday at 8:00 PM ET.

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7 Responses to “TNA Sending Hardy & Storm To Country Music Awards”

  1. pepsilover2008 says:

    i think i died and gone to heaven, tna is actually using there wrestlers to promote there shows, bout time tna

  2. Dante_Cross says:

    WWE has rock bands, TNA has backing of Country? It's a big push in the right direction, it makes TNA seem legit, like stars that they really are, being on the red carpet I mean.

    • pepsilover2008 says:

      i don't even think i've heard wwe use rock music in a while now for there ppvs, they use generic pop now days

  3. HolsG says:

    At least i know that i'm friends with their real accounts on facebook lol, apparently they're taking the family too lol

  4. Rent_A_Geek says:

    I get Storm… but Hardy seems a strange choice for the CMA. Personally I would have sent Hemme and Storm. Two people who are legit country fans. Hardy's the bigger star, no doubt… but Hemme would bring the eye-candy factor and draw more of their target demographic fans to TNA

  5. Triple f says:

    Is Hardy going to take off the face paint and put on a cowboy hat? Just curious.

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