Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 17, 2012
TNA Signs Austin Aries To Long Term Deal

TNA Signs Austin Aries To Long Term Deal

— Dixie Carter made the following announcement on Twitter today…

Excited to have signed @AustinAries to a long term deal. I share the story on TNA Today TODAY.

— Yesterday, we posted the following report and video on TNA World Heavyweight champion Austin Aries. He was a guest on 4th & Pain, the only pro wrestling radio show hosted by an NFL player and a weight loss champion.

Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker had a chance to meet Aries while he was backstage recently at an Impact taping. A week or so later, Aries became the world champion and joined Carriker and co-host Chuck Carroll on the show.

Aries thinks that Carriker has a future in pro wrestling after his playing days are over in the NFL. His comments echoed those of Hulk Hogan who said much the same thing to the former first round pick during his visit to the Impact Zone.

Conversely, Carriker and Carroll concluded that Aries’ athleticism should be good enough to at least garner a tryout in the NFL. The champ thinks he could carve out a little niche for himself with the pigskin a la Wes Welker.

As it turns out, Aries is a huge Green Bay Packers fan and joked with Carriker and Carroll that he wished the Redskins “half the success” of Aaron Rodgers and company.

Aries played football growing up, but primarily focused on baseball. But one of the seasons he did play football he was a defensive lineman.

During the interview Aries also stressed the importance of cultivating talent that has come up through the ranks and developed on the indy scene.

On the fitness side of things, Carroll, who bills himself as a weight loss champion after losing 250 pounds and keeping it off, was intrigued by Aries’ passion for the vegetarian lifestyle. The wrestler was VERY knowledgeable about nutrition and the food system in this country.

Aries has been a vegetarian for a little over a decade, having made the switch shortly after becoming a wrestler.

Aries on being a vegetarian

“When I made that decision it forced me to learn about nutrition, forced me to learn about the things I should be eating. It also exposed to me the corporate farming methods we use in this country and just how unhealthy it is for us as consumers. When you’re relying on corporations to feed you, you have to remember that their bottom line is making money. And if they have to compromise quality of food or the procedures of how they produce that food to make more money they’re going to do it. A lot of times the people who pay the price are the consumers or us. Whether or not a vegetarian diet is something that is for you or for everybody… I do say that even if you’re going to be a meat consumer you can do it in a more humane and responsible way, not only for the animals, but for yourself and for the planet.”

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8 Responses to “TNA Signs Austin Aries To Long Term Deal”

  1. rtype6 says:

    So TNA signs Aries to a one year extension not long ago, and now signs him to a long term extension. Well, it's good to know he'll be around for a while 🙂

  2. incognitowolfe says:

    remarkable story, bearly got a contract a year ago and now he's a tna lifer

  3. Roid Master says:

    Smart move…this guy is going to part of their foundation for a long time.

  4. mean2u444 says:

    unfortunately it doesn't mean hes going to be there forever. how many people have TNA released from contracts lately?
    either way, a good move i think, as long as they use him properly and don't let another main eventer disappear into oblivion like matt morgan.

    • toddmikki says:

      Matt was never a main eventer and i think Matt may turn up in aces and eights as hes joked about he'll be seen soon and that direct auto insurance is still him, youd think if he was going to the e that theyd take that commercial down?

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      i think you have to consider the ppl that tna have released lately in terms of their position in the company/on tv. they have imo released some great talents but at the same time they werent using them on tv enough to keep them. had they been used on tv more. tna would have been able to keep them.

      with shelley for example. great x division talent. great tag team talent. but when he got injured he returned then sabin got injured then he returned but there were quite a few stories going on. that kinda fucked MCMG up. meant tna were using other guys more than mcmg. cant just drop a story because talent has regained fitness. at times wrestlers have to either be prepared to take a backseat or leave in search of getting used more in another company.

      then they have released other talent like angelina love who wasnt on tv for a while. and when they have other knockouts they are using more…not a lot tna can do except…..get more tv time. ideally it would have to be another 2 hour show. so they can use the 10-15 guys they usually have on the roster but arent actually using them for impact wrestling. then they could use the rest of the tv time on that 2nd show to give other stories or other divisions more time. like the tv title.

      and with matt morgan i wouldnt say he was ever a true main eventer. not like roode, aries, storm, hardy, joe, aj who in the past have all had the time and done very well with it. morgan's character doesnt help him but thats where creative……have to become creative.

  5. whatsup121 says:

    I wonder what Austin Aries Cookbook would look like and what kind of recipes would he have

  6. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    Aries rules

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