Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jan 23, 2013
TNA Signs Deal To Air iMPACT! & PPVs In Japan

TNA Signs Deal To Air iMPACT! & PPVs In Japan

TNA announced via press release that they have signed a deal with Nippon Television which will see Impact and PPVs air on the G+ cable channel. The shows will air at 7:30 PM on Saturdays. This will include iMPACT!, the four early PPV shows and the monthly “PPV specials.”

This will be the first time that the promotion has been aired in Japan. TNA executive Andy Barton commented, saying, “This agreement with Nippon Television’s G+ will allow TNA to deliver its exciting brand of professional wrestling to our ever growing Japanese fanbase. The history of wrestling in Japan is very long and very rich and everyone at TNA is thrilled that we’re now a full part of it.”

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10 Responses to “TNA Signs Deal To Air iMPACT! & PPVs In Japan”

  1. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    good good ^^

  2. Treck says:


  3. Bigmike885 says:

    Of all the countries (other than the US) to have a TV deal in..Japan is the best one..this is a very good deal for TNA.

  4. hangers says:

    As far as Im aware, they still have a working deal with new japan although it hasnt been utilised since okada..

  5. Firestormdzl says:

    Finally! This is good news. Instead of trying to secretly watch iMPACT on my computer every Friday Morning during working, I can now watch iMPACT on Saturdays 7:30PM.

    • Sturk says:

      Since i've never been to Japan i'm always curious as to how you hear about TNA from Japan. That maybe a dumb question if so forgive me but i'm always curious. Was it the net?

  6. purpleurkel says:

    HAY HAY HAY! I am thinking about moving to Japan!!

  7. UCEAD11 says:

    australia, Japan, England….keep it up TNA…..this is awesome…..Impact around the world

  8. annil8or4321 says:

    good move

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