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TNA Star Says He Could Head To WWE This Year

TNA Star Says He Could Head To WWE This Year


Matt Morgan recently revealed to Wade Keller of that he could be headed to WWE in the next year. Morgan said that his contract with TNA is up in October and that while he’s loyal to TNA, WWE has expressed interest and he could see himself jumping ship in the right circumstances. Check out the highlights:

On his contract status: “I have another year left on my contract with TNA. My fifth of five years. I signed a five year deal with them four years ago. I believe in October it will be up. The way it works is I’m a businessman first and foremost, right? And you try to keep your options open as much as humanly possible. I did start with WWE. They gave me a lot of tools and a lot of knowledge and I was trained by some of the best big men this business has ever had and learned a lot of things from those people over there in WWE. So I was very very lucky… I think I’ve proven it was a mistake, but not a mistake because of the timing. Timing really is everything. If they have a roster, which they did at the time, full of guys in my age group – they were throwing so much crap against the wall to see what would stick, a lot of us weren’t given a lot of time to stick against the wall, first and foremost, to see if something would come out of these characters they were trying to present so quickly. I mean, if you watch back those old Smackdowns and Raws from ’03 to ’05 or ’06, you’d see a lot of guys I could easily see now becoming huge.”

On WWE releasing him in 2005: “Unfortunately, unluckily I came there during a time when there was a revolving door. The day I got released I believe we lost 22 other guys in a two days span on a Thursday as well as Black Friday in 2005. I believe it was one of those wrong places, wrong time. Timing is everything in this sport.”

On a potential WWE return: “To say I wouldn’t go back would be dumb on my part and it would be a lie. But at the same time, I really am – I know people don’t like this answer who are pro-WWE and not so pro-TNA – but that’s the truth, I am loyal to those who are loyal to me. The minute, the day TNA stops being as loyal to me as I feel I am being to them, that’s a different discussion all to itself and I definitely would weigh my options a lot differently if and when that day ever came. But speaking right now, I’m happy for the most part with how TNA has been treating me and they’ve done a really good job with me the last four years.”

On Brock Lesnar’s return: “Brock Lesnar coming back to WWE, that guy helped me a lot when I was first up there. He is someone who helped me a lot work as a bigger guy, the psychology involved in working as a big guy. So did Undertaker, so did Kane, so did Big Show. And there’s still some other dream matches out there that I want to happen before my career is up. So I guess I would weigh my options a hell of a lot more when that day comes. I’m a businessman first and foremost, to answer your question honestly. But at the same time, that’s what my agent is for. I know there has been interest from that company. But at the same time I am loyal to TNA for now.”

On his storyline path in TNA: “I went from, you know, a body guard to being Cornette’s lackey to making these awful matches on Impact and getting in trouble and having him scream at me on national television. But I was in a suit and was first brought on to speak, so these fans right away got to understand Matt can hold his own on the mic, this kid can talk, he’s not relying on his physicality, not relying on flexing every ten seconds, not relying on being 6-11, 328 pounds of muscle like every other meathead in this business relies on. So that was a good lesson for me because I got introduced for my verbal skills for the most part. And when it was time to transition me to a wrestler, it was easier from that point moving forward. The fans had something to sink their teeth into somewhat because they understood me as a character first and foremost as opposed to another big guy who’s really in good shape, let’s say, like so many other big guys. We added a few good layers to my character over the years, and as long as they keep doing that, I have no reason to leave TNA, so to say.”

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29 Responses to “TNA Star Says He Could Head To WWE This Year”

  1. Dependant says:

    Probably his best decision since TNA has like nothing for him atm.

  2. planetcrush says:

    I hated Matt Morgan when he first arrived in TNA but he's really changed my opinion on him. He's put in a lot of hard work and it shows. I wish the best with whatever he decides to do but since TNA hasn't really been doing much with him I figure he'll probably end up back at WWE.

  3. Wow! That would be great. Ill be honest I could have cared less when he left. But seeing how he started flourishing in tna I wonder what he could do. Hell definitely get pushed seeing as vince has always had a hard on for big guys. I can see him having great feuds with Wade Barett, Sheamus (even though he sucks), Cena, Randy Orton. I say Orton cause he’s actually been taking a back seat putting guys over. But then you never know with orton he could start complaining about not being on top.

    This could be good. Also if tna loses Morgan they can counter that by picking up chris masters.WWE dropped the ball with him. He really was improving and coming into his own. Just unfortunately he got the axe.

    • Triple f says:

      Hugo, I didn’t know who Chris Masters was until I saw him on RKK. Not impressed in the least! He’s just kind of “there”. He’s certainly no replacement for Matt Morgan. That’s kind of like replacing your Cadillac with a VW bug.

  4. purpmuffins says:


  5. Bigmike885 says:

    Is anybdoy really surprised?

  6. UCEAD11 says:

    rI actually am kinda hoping he leaves. More money from arguably better wrestlers. Never been too big on large wrestlers : They are very limited in what they can do. plus his character and mic skills never really impressed me. I like he is with TNA but prefer he make room from a Jay Lethal or a Petey Williams.

  7. russbro says:

    I think it would be great for Morgan to go to WWE but I'd love him to stay. I'd like to see the Morgan / Crimson feud finish with Morgan ending Crimson's undefeated streak and going up against Roode or Storm for the world title.

  8. aos82 says:

    i think morgans very underrated i think he's just trying to kickstart a contract with tna,wwe are taking on alot of big guys at the moment.tensai,ryback and lesnar,brodus clay ect so he fits,but ive always liked him and if rvd is worth a big push with his new contract then so is morgan

    • Triple f says:

      aos82, What new RVD contract? Did I miss something?

    • tnadude says:

      Agreed. But he does need an edge. He's a huge dude, but runs around "respecting" everyone. He needs to be in your face like Storm.

      And he needs to leave his carbon footprint on their faces. With that, he would be an awesome WC. Without it, unfortunately still a mid-carder.

  9. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    He says " first and foremost " 4 times
    Am i the only one who picked up on that?

    • Triple f says:

      Twisted_Enemy, First and foremost, yes I picked up on that too.

    • Bat says:

      Morgan tries to come off as intelligent but he really is just a tad bit above meat head. He comes across as very uncomfortable when he’s speaking and it’s really obvious.

  10. HolsG says:

    I hope not 🙁
    This means TNA are going to give him the title to try and get him to stay

  11. akcbd says:

    wouldn't miss him, I don't think he's good on the mic or anything special in the ring

  12. JeffandJoker says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I really like Matt Morgan, and think he is really turning into a great wrestler. What really sucks is, TNA was using him really well at one point, and now he is just sorta there.

    He was a world title contender at one point, and now is a mid card wrestler, if he is lucky. Another thing to also keep in mind is, Ric Flair will be heading back to the WWE at about the same time. With both Morgan and Flair leaving, I can't wait to see how TNA spends all money that is going to be now off the books.

    Good Luck to the DNA of TNA, I really do hope it works out for you !!!!

  13. mattcasdorph says:

    "they were throwing so much crap against the wall to see what would stick, a lot of us weren’t given a lot of time to stick against the wall"

    Did he just call himself crap?

  14. lee4tammy says:

    matt morgan is so so so so so fucking boring in the ring and on the mike

    he is decent in a tag team and a solid heel but apart from that nothing special

  15. Ultimate_X says:

    because it worked so well for him last time….

    • Bigmike885 says:

      of course not, but he was really REALLY green when he came up..WWE let him go, and he did what he should have done..went somewhere (weather it be japan or TNA) got polished up, and now is ready for prime move by WWE if this happens, he got tons a training and WWE didnt have to pay for it.

  16. BobJockey says:

    God, let's hope not. The guy has zero in terms of……anything. TNA is his level, he has nothing to offer any decent organization

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