Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 16, 2013
TNA Taking iMPACT! Off The Road?, Details

TNA Taking iMPACT! Off The Road?, Details


TNA officials are reportedly considering the idea of taking iMPACT! off the road and heading back to a single location for their tapings. According to multiple sources close to the situation, both Las Vegas and Orlando are under consideration for such a locale.

It is said to be a “foregone conclusion” that the tapings will come off the road, with one source noting that it will be early next year at the latest. The company has incurred new expenses with going on the road and this would be a cost cutting measure.

Stay tuned for more details.

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36 Responses to “TNA Taking iMPACT! Off The Road?, Details”

  1. Tiffanydude says:

    That's good news they'll save money and I'm sick of seeing that stupid entrance ramp.

    • jbcissom says:

      I agree. I never would have thought that a "ramp" would have that affect, but I feel like it actually took away from the product in a way.

    • PennyAnd1 says:

      Are you kidding me? I rather have that entrance ramp than the same old dull small crowd. That Orlando crowd was unbearable to watch. It felt like a Soap-opera background. TNA on the road makes it more watchable. The problem with TNA is that they took away that was unique to them. The 6-sided Ring. Get rid of the ramp, bring the 6-sided ring, and you'll attract more people that way.

      Going back to Orlando? Say it isn't so!

  2. nwoforlife says:

    so what they are saying is tna is happy remaining small what did you think the cash would start flowing right away it takes time hell some advertising would help never see any advertising for tna their is all kinds of ways to cut cost if that's what it is like not jetting around on a privet jet all the time (dixie) i have no problem with tna having a home base but to take it off the road all together will only be giving up

    • jbcissom says:

      Do you have a business degree? How about a MBA? I highly doubt it. This is actually a smart move, and one they should have done before going completely on the road. Pick 2 to 4 home bases, alternating between locales with month-long spans or something of that nature. And take Impact! on the road for special events, like Dest. X, No Surrender, and maybe two other PPV-themed Impact!s.

      You've got to remember, both ECW and WWE used the Hammerstein Ballroom as a "home" base for quite a period of time.

      • Peckar says:

        The question should be… How big is your bank account?

        • ricky_No1 says:

          The question is why did they go on the road with so tiny a fan base. Just one more dumb idea from Hogan and bitchoff. They need to improve the product before anything else.

          • ricky_No1 says:

            So many mark who cant see the obvious

          • jbcissom says:

            The majority of TNA fans here have been critical of TNA at some point in time. We're not "yes" men. We want TNA to succeed, because if TNA fails, RoH won't be far behind and all that will be left is the joke of WWE.

          • ricky_No1 says:

            Your joking right? 99% of people on here rip you to bits if you dare to say anything negative. I said many times going on the road was a major mistake and got so many blinkered comments. Oh i too want TNA to succeed. Just dont see it happening with hogan and bischoffs dumb ideas

          • Peckar says:

            It is a difference of opinion. Some of you take this thumb thing way too seriously.

          • ricky_No1 says:

            I bow to that one lol

  3. CKinzu says:

    I could see making IMPACT a weekly attraction in Las Vegas working quite well. It would have to be live tapings every Thursday night though to work, and they would need to add some Vegas charm to it. The Vegas parts don't have to be televised though and could be entertainment stuff during commercials for the audience. They could also get other Vegas acts to appear on the show as a form of advertising themselves on TV.

    The problem is this is TNA we are talking about here. They would find a way to screw this up badly.

  4. Euphoria says:

    Internet fans think they know the business. Who knows what is going on. Tna is awesome and fans who buy into the dirtsheets need lives.

  5. Sturk says:

    I don't know if this is truth or rumor but if it is truth I will say this….. DANG TNA why don't you start writing these shows like your life depends on it???? You can't afford to EVER have a BLAH show! All your shows should be superb!! Going back to a single location? SMH! Stop writing good shows and write GREAT shows! I know it's easier said than done but sheesh! I dont want TNA in a single location at this point in the game. SMH

  6. Mr. Excitement says:

    I knew this was coming. Also found the ramp was ridiculous and the screen was too big for the small arenas they were using. The large entrance way made the arenas look small.

    • oh0K says:

      The "ramp" may look ridiculous and like an eye sore to some, but I'm sure it allows for more floor seats especially right by the entrance. IMO the ramp >>>> the 8+feet wide entranceway WWE uses, in terms or utilizing the floor area you have to work with.

      In terms of time it helps in ways too…. not saying drastically but it saves probably the 5-10 minutes overrun that wwe gets with the people going straight into the ring. BTW they used the ramp in the impactzone too after they did the set change….so why is it only being brought up now?

  7. nicholal79 says:

    Bring back the six-sided ring also!

    • oh0K says:

      the six sides coming back would be awesome. for certain shows, I'm sure theyve done away wit the six sided rings they had though, most likely sold em to AAA.

      If they pick one lacation I hope to god they don't go back to the impact zone. The "fans" there weren't nearly as good as the fans in the asylum, and I'm just guessing, but pretty sure the asylum fit more as well.

      • CKinzu says:

        I'd bring the six-sided ring back and cut down on the titles.
        TNA World Title
        X-Division Title
        Knockout Title
        Tag Team Title

        That is all they need and anything else is overkill with only 1 weekly show. They really need to put more focus on the X-Division and Tag Teams. Those 2 divisions made TNA back in the day. The World Title was mostly an after thought back then. If the concern is 1 show on Spike not giving them enough time to promote then do something innovated like you did back in the day. Why not have full fledged IMPACT like internet broadcast?

        Again if they move to Vegas and could hook up with a hotel they could so the the live show out of Vegas 1 ***ht a week and a live internet broadcast on another. They could use that show to really show case the X-Division and Knockouts.

        • Pippin says:

          Erm….those ARE the only current titles.

          The Knockout Tag Titles have been retired for a while now and the TV title was put on Abyss so that it can be suspended but brought back without explanation if they desire in the future.


          • CKinzu says:

            Yeah they need to keep the other titles dead. The TV Title, Knockouts Tag, and all the other titles they have introduced over the years need to stay retired. Quality is better than Quantity. They need to add more talent to the Tag, Knockout, and X-Division though, and to do that they need to add a 2nd show be it online or on TV. I know they have Xplosion, but that is not really a 2nd show. That's like NXT… we all know it exist but who really watches it?

          • Pippin says:

            I don't understand, you say:

            "The TV Title, Knockouts Tag, and all the other titles they have introduced over the years need to stay retired."

            What other titles are you refering to? The only titles they have introduced since the 1st show are Kockouts title, knockouts tag and TV title. They've gotten rid of the knockouts tag and the TV title, so what "other titles" are you refering to?

            Then you go on to say that they need to add more talent to the tag titles, knockout title and X title, so you're clearly not talking about getting rid of them. That only leaves the world title, surely you're not saying they need to get rid of that?

          • CKinzu says:

            I said they need to focus more on the X-Division, Tag Division, and Knockout Division. The only one of those that is really new is the Knockout title, but it's one of the core titles that has put TNA on the map.

            The Legends/Global/TV Title was a dumb idea. The X-Division title was already their Intercontinental Title since that belt was usually a stepping stone to the World Title. A lot of the roster and the storylines only seem focused on one or two things as well. They need a better focus across the roster. The WWE is a little bad at this as well lately, but they have 2 shows and 2 major titles so they get away with the under card having poor direction. TNA can't afford to center the whole PPV on one or two match. They need the whole card to be worth the purchase at least the majority of the time.

          • Pippin says:

            Yeah….but that's not what you said or what I asked. You said "The TV Title, Knockouts Tag, and all the other titles they have introduced over the years need to stay retired" yet the only other titles there are, you said they need to focus on more….So what "other titles" are you refering to?


  8. The Boss says:

    I guess it’s true. TNA is not worth investing in. Instead of supporting them in their quest to grow, we should except them as a glorified indy show. A sad, sad day. Smh

  9. Luchador says:

    that's a good move for now and have the PPV's on the road and now that they had a taste of being on the road they'll be ready for next time

  10. 5thHorseman says:

    Looks like crowds are just starting to get into it, it is advertisement having TNA come to your town. That is a shame.

  11. TheFurnitureom says:

    No worries, it was good they tried. If it isn't financial viable, so be it, I'll be happy as long as TNA stay on air, which judging by planning structure, seems like they have every intention of doing. #10MOREYEARS!

  12. tna24 says:

    we all dont know what going on in tna and if they think it best to go back to one place then go for it. im all for them doing anything to help them. i love tna and ill back anything they do that will help the company in the long run. as for the one place im for a new location the impact zone was dead weight. so i would love them to go to vegas or anywhere else like new york or philly. this time have it be paid shows. not everyone can be like wwe or companies like that and go on the road full time. so TNA doing what they did best and stick to one place which PPV on the road

  13. JoeWrestling says:

    As long as the wrestling is on the TV, it doesn't matter where it's taped. The only down side is people won't have access to go to the events.. but seriously, they didn't show up in massive numbers anyway so the fans get exactly what they desire anyway. People have these companies over a barrel, people know ultimately they will get free tickets or buy $15 tickets and move down to more expensive empty seats, but that cheap logic also ends the product. That's the way the whole economy works now a days so that's why only the largest, cheapest companies survive. At the last taping they got about 1280 paid, but that probably gets them about 35k plus merch. You can do that on house shows, but considering the extra costs with filming live on the road, why bother. We all knew this would happen, that's why I "advised" to just pick the best cities and go to them on a schedule where events are announced in advanced at the current show for next time. People will then at least be given a call to action and won't be left with no idea if you'll ever return or when. Also they would know if they show up, then TNA will keep coming and it becomes important to the town, not just a fly by n1ght operation. When you book venues 1-2 months out with no real notice, imagine all the advertising you have to do to get anyone to show up. That's why WWE will announce a YEAR out for PPV events and tell you to buy tickets after the show for the next time.

    • jbcissom says:

      Unless you're an employee of TNA or have connections to a TNA financial person, where are you getting your numbers? Numbers can be calculated for WWE, because they have to report their numbers because they're a publicly traded company. TNA is an LLC, meaning they don't have to share jack squat with anyone.

  14. hwc2013 says:

    TNA should have never left Universal Studios, you should never leave home, until you are able to support yourself. What they should have done was just went on the road maybe once a month, like they were doing. At Universal at least they always had a crowd to sell out the place, the set looked more professional than what they have now, plus with the money saved no one would have lost there jobs & they could afford to shoot off the Pyro.

    • tna24 says:

      no im glad they left, impact zone was dead wight. the shows were weak. the fans were boring and 90% of the time not into the show, but it easy to sell out when the show is free

  15. monsters are real says:

    Have a permenant arena in NYC problem solved!

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