Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 4, 2014
TNA Talents Upset Over WrestleMania?, Details

TNA Talents Upset Over WrestleMania?, Details

Several talents in TNA are said to be upset that they’re not touring in the vicinity of New Orleans this week.

The company decided to run shows in Georgia instead of getting too close to WrestleMania 30.

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  1. goonpoh says:


  2. kyle says:

    finally TNA is growing up and not following the sheep that ridding the jockstraps of WM, WHY SHOULD TNA Make wm a big deal fk that company.

  3. JoeWrestling says:

    Come on. Even if they WERE upset. You're going to complain that you didn't get your WM moment cause you work for TNA? That's absurd. If they actually felt cheated, they should pack up and leave. But, I don't really believe anyone is upset. If they felt so bad, they should have asked for the day off, and they could have went and stood in line at the fan axcess like all the other marks. Irony is they could probably walk right in and not be stopped.

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