Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 16, 2013
TNA Tour Manager Done With The Company

TNA Tour Manager Done With The Company

Craig Jenkins joins the PR department’s Chris Thomas and Jules Wortman as recent departures from TNA Wrestling. Jenkins is the executive that set off a Ric Flair tantrum when he refused to cover Flair’s bar tab during a tour of Europe, which led to Ric refusing to get on a bus to the airport, missing one of the dates. Jenkins’ handled a lot of responsibility on the road when it came to dealing with venues the day of events, setting up, fan interactions and more.

Jenkins posted the following on Twitter today…

It’s been an honor & a privilege for 6 years knowing all of you. Good night & God Bless. Thanks for the memories!!!

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12 Responses to “TNA Tour Manager Done With The Company”

  1. annil8or4321 says:

    going through some office personel, but his tweet should have ended with p.s. i pissed in flairs drinks

  2. Treck says:

    That is funny so glad the Diva Ric Flair is not in TNA anymore

  3. TheBringer92 says:

    is this the guy that put a rail up against the table were the wrestlers where for the fan interaction in UK?

  4. Sturk says:

    Flair would still be with TNA had it not been for that guy.

    • hangers says:

      Lol, yea, right, the bar tab was his one and only issue..

      • Sturk says:

        I have the new shoot interview and Flair says that guy is the reason he is no longer with TNA. He'd still be there is not for that guy. Flair said he was a country western guy that knew nothing about the wrestling business.

        • hangers says:

          Flair is full of sh!t… He was out the door regardless the moment WWE came sniffing to get him back..

          • Philly_Cheese says:

            I hate to agree but hangers is right, Flair's time in TNA was only a payday for him because of his financial struggles due to his ex wives, and his drinking/drug problems. Although the whole bar tab hissy fit incident in the UK pushed Flair being released a whole lot sooner.

  5. Treck says:

    So he should of covered flairs tab? Sorry but Flair is not really God. I mean I use to think it was a gimmick but he really thinks he is. Thank god TNA is not wasting their money off of this glory wh#$%

  6. 2blackbelts says:

    Most people here do not realize what a zoo backstage is, either in TNA or WWE. It is a difficult and tireless job, and my hats off to everyone who has to do it. Even with all of the people in WWE, it still is crazy, alot of fun, but stll crazy.

    I worked with Craig several times, as he was one of my contacts to work the shows. Always first class with me. In fact eveyone in TNA has treated me with nothing but respect since I started doing shows for them., from the stage hands to the talent.

    As I said, it's not an easy job, and I wish him all the best,


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